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Pyroban focuses engineering and manufacturing operations

Pyroban has announced that all its explosion proof forklift truck conversions in Europe will now take place in either its "Electric Centre of Excellence" in the Netherlands, or its "Diesel Centre of Excellence" in the UK. The company says the changes will reduce factory lead times, reduce truck conversion times and put it in a strong position for growing the business and focusing on the needs of its customers.

"Due to strong, sustained demand across the EMEA region and ever increasing technical complexity of new materials handling equipment, Pyroban will be restructuring its European manufacturing operations," says Matthew Shirkie, Head of Industrial Division, Pyroban. "All future Ex conversions of electric trucks will be undertaken at our factory in Hendrik Ido Ambacht in the Netherlands, whilst all future Ex conversions of IC engine trucks will be undertaken at our factory in West Sussex, UK."

The explosion proof conversion of forklift trucks for use in hazardous areas is one of Pyroban’s principal activities and during 2014, the company expects to convert in the region of 750 units. Leading forklift truck manufacturers authorise Pyroban to convert their latest models for use in manufacturing and storage areas where an explosive atmosphere could occur. Typical industries where explosion proof trucks are used include chemical, paint, food, drink, waste, coatings, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, bottled gas and logistics.

Pyroban engineering, operations and QA (Quality Assurance) teams will continue to work closely with the industrial truck OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to ensure all trucks are converted to explosion proof standards without any comprise to their continued compliance with the European Machinery directive and ISO 3691.1.

"The UK factory is now organised as a Diesel production line with engineering, manufacturing and assembly teams trained specifically on Diesel technologies. Similarly in the Netherlands, the factory is organised and skilled to convert all types of electric equipment from small pallet trucks right through to man-up Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) machines."

Both factories are equipped with the very latest test facilities to ensure all Ex conversions fully comply with the ATEX 94/9/EC directive and all appropriate European standards. Trucks will continue to be tested in accordance with the EN1755 duty cycle and issued with relevant certification and manuals whether for Zone 1, 2, 21 or 22 hazardous area operation.

In 2013 as part of manufacturing growth and due to continued high demand in both the Industrial and Oil and Gas divisions, Pyroban invested over GBP2m in an additional manufacturing facility in Shoreham by Sea in the UK.

"The addition of the new manufacturing facility, the introduction of the "Centres of Excellence" and a focus on developing a range of Ex systems for both diesel and electric trucks will help to ensure reduced factory lead times and reduced truck conversion times," says Matthew, explaining that it is increasingly difficult to explosion proof forklifts thanks to electronically controlled engines, progressive emission standards and an impending new European standard for the explosion protection of industrial trucks.

Across the EMEA region, Pyroban will continue to receive enquiries, process orders and support systems in the aftermarket through local sales teams, Product Managers and Customer Service Centres which are located in the UK, France and the Netherlands.

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