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Pyroban forklift truck explosion protection give advice on exhaust emissions at IMHX 2010

If your forklift has a dirty, smoky exhaust system, a visit to the Pyroban Envirosafe stand at the IMHX exhibition in November may help give some clarity to your operation. The company provides a wide range of solutions to help control exhaust emissions on new and ageing forklifts, and all other types of industrial equipment.

The forklift industry is starting to address the issues of pollutants in newly built forklift trucks, however an enormous number of businesses are still operating aged equipment with dirty engines.

Jim Maloney, General Manager for Pyroban Envirosafe explains "Many companies can’t afford to replace their forklift truck fleet, but acknowledge that they have an exhaust emission problem that needs to be dealt with now. We’ll be at IMHX showing business what they can do immediately on existing equipment. In addition we will be holding a seminar on the issue of engine emissions and what steps can be taken to reduce the problems operators face".

Common pollutants from diesel and LPG powered forklifts include HC, CO, NOx and in the case of diesel engines particulate matter. Black smoke and the visible signs of a dirty exhaust system are obvious, but some trucks can deposit a fine surface residue which can damage stock and incur business costs. This is notable across industry including the food, drink, timber, paper, packaging and logistics sectors where waste and housekeeping costs can rise.

"In terms of health, it’s the toxic exhaust fumes you can’t see that are the main problem, due to the possibility of respiratory related illnesses and additionally they also damage the environment" Jim states. "Staff should not be exposed to high levels of Carbon Monoxide, particularly in confined spaces, and it is acknowledged that diesel particulates are carcinogenic".

The main focus of the Pyroban Envirosafe stand at IMHX in November will be on solutions that control the harmful diesel particulates. Fitting an exhaust filter can prevent the longer term illnesses that can result from prolonged exposure to particulate matter, and reduce the subsequent risk of a business being sued for failing to take appropriate action.

"Many companies are also selecting exhaust filters to improve their environmental performance" he says. "Engines produce black carbon, which is now being shown to be the second largest contributor to climate change after CO2. By installing an Envirosafe filter, up to 95% of the emitted black carbon is trapped at source".

The company manufactures, supplies and fits catalysts, spark arresters and diesel particulate filters (DPF) for vehicles and stationary engines of all power ratings and age. In addition, Pyroban Envirosafe can also address emissions from LPG powered engines. For Diesel engines the range includes systems for permanent installation, such as the Acti-Trap brand, through to the short-term Temp-Trap disposable filters suitable for hire-company applications, companies that may operate equipment indoors for short periods or have low duty cycles.

"The impact of exhaust emissions on health, and increasingly the environment, requires careful consideration by forklift operators and business owners" Jim adds, explaining that the company can work either directly with the forklift user or through a forklift supplier.

The Pyroban Envirosafe team can be seen on the Pyroban Group stand 18M140 at IMHX at the NEC, 16th-19th November, where the company will also be promoting its explosion proof forklift conversions and ATEX/DSEAR consulting and training services to help businesses manage their explosion risk effectively.

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