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Pyroban puts plant equipment on the explosion proof map

Many industries require a variety of equipment to work in potentially explosive atmospheres. MAP Plant, an equipment hire company, has been working with explosion proof specialist Pyroban to provide a range of explosion proof plant equipment.

All types of vehicles and equipment are required to operate within hazardous areas where explosive atmospheres exist. Essex (UK) based MAP Plant is one of nine specialist companies in the Anderson Group that supplies a range of plant equipment for industries including oil refineries and petrochemical sites where explosion risks may be present. Map Plant's equipment is specially adapted by Pyroban so that it is not a source of ignition and complies with ATEX* safety legislation (Europe). It is then supplied to the customer with a full back up and support service including training and servicing. Ann Harding, spokesperson for Map Plant said “It is essential that our customers have the peace of mind that any equipment they hire from us will meet the operational and safety requirements of customers from a wide range of industry sectors.”

To modify and certify equipment for use in hazardous areas, Map Plant works with explosion protection specialist Pyroban. Every single component on the equipment is assessed to see if it could cause an ignition from a hot surface or energy such as sparks. Pyroban either replaces or modifies the components so that the complete unit cannot be the source of an ignition. Ann Harding continues “Having looked at several alternative explosion protection companies, we opted for Pyroban. For such a significant safety issue, it is essential to work with a qualified and experienced company.”

One UK oil refinery that Map Plant supplies, required modifications to their vehicles to ensure suitability to work on construction and maintenance operations in zone 1 areas. Recent projects at the site include dumpers, excavators and various JCB equipment. According to Pyroban, virtually any industrial equipment can be converted to operate safely in zone 1, 2, 21 or 22 areas.
Customer Services Manager at Pyroban, Darren Boiling commented “Working with MAP Plant has provided a great opportunity for us to raise the awareness of the work we do across a range of equipment, not just forklift truck conversions.”

To support equipment in operation, engineers have been trained and certified by Pyroban to ensure that equipment is maintained safely. Equipment is delivered to site safe, but it must be maintained correctly to ensure it continues to be safe. Pyroban also provides EX-Annual Safety Audits (EX-ASA) by CompEx trained technicians.

In some applications however, where there is a lower risk of explosion, full ATEX protection may not be viable. In such cases, MAP Plant can fit Pyroban's Gascheka system to various temporary rentals to provide detection of flammable gas / vapour and equipment shutdown for where the risk is low or the explosion protection measures allow it. The system is particularly suited to Map Plant who can switch the Gascheka system easily onto other vehicles rented on a short term basis.

Pyroban's expertise stretches beyond forklift trucks, helping companies such as MAP Plant provide a range of safe Plant equipment for all types of industries with potentially explosive atmospheres. For further confidential help and advice contact Pyroban on +44 (0) 1273 466232, visit www.pyroban.com or email info@pyroban.com

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