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PYROBANR show speedy ex conversions at IMHX

A company with a 35 year history of explosion proofing materials handling equipment for all the leading truck manufacturers, treated visitors to IMHX 2007 with the opportunity to view a full explosion proof conversion completed within 90 seconds.

Pyroban helps companies manage their risk of explosion when handling flammable materials by re-engineering equipment so that it is safe for use within a potentially explosive environment, a process which can take several months. Customers often ask Pyroban how an ATEX explosion proof conversion is performed, and for this reason Pyroban instructed a top London Film producer to capture two months specialist engineering on a diesel truck conversion. The footage was screened for the first time at IMHX and captured the truck being stripped down and rebuilt, all within a 90 seconds time-lapse.

Malcolm Davis, Sales and Marketing Director at Pyroban, comments “It is very difficult to imagine the amount of work that goes into each and every Pyroban conversion, so what better way than to show it at IMHX. Every single component on a vehicle is assessed and where necessary replaced or modified with stringent testing, quality and certification management systems. The completed truck will then comply with EU and UK laws and subject to correct maintenance and repair will remain safe throughout its life.”

Visitors throughout the show relaxed with an explosive test-tube cocktail at the suitably named 'flashpoint' hospitality bar and were able to get the latest information on Pyroban systems and the Ex-ASA audits.

Davis concludes “We provide a specialised engineering service for the fork truck industry and are delighted by the level of interest at IMHX.”

Visit http://www.pyroban.com www.pyroban.com, Tel +44 (0) 1273 466200, mailto:info@pyroban.com info@pyroban.com

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