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Q-lion forklift truck batteries launch lithium ion battery to reduce charge times

Q-lion launches a lithium ion battery solution for the material handling market, which reduces charging times by 32 times, improves productivity by 10% and reduces environmental impact by 45%. A true breakthrough within the industry.

Q-lion is now able to launch it’s ready to market product.

"Many suppliers talk about the new lithium ion batteries as a future possibility and they are still in pilot phases and struggling to get economics work" Koert Huisman says (general manager of Q-lion). He is proud to announce their product, which is ready to market, and explains why he thinks they solved the problem. "The key in our development is not the lithium ion battery itself, but the fast charging technology which enables a lithium ion battery us to do".

In our industry, the material handling and cleaning market, many manufacturers see the benefits of lithium ion, compared to the current industry standard lead acid, in the fact that it is a light weight, safer and maintenance free battery.

But this is not justifying the current price difference. By adding the technology of Epyon, of which, within our industries, we have the distribution rights globally, we can get the economics work. With the Q-lion product we can fully charge in 15 minutes and therefore eliminate the time and hassle of swapping batteries and the investments of an additional battery.

The 10% productivity increase is reached because the far more stable power supply, this is a big benefit of the new lithium ion batteries. This productivity enhancement will bring operational cost significantly down.
Another advantage is the improvement of the environmental impact the new battery technology has. A study at the university of Brussels has proven a 45% reduction of environmental impact compared to the traditional Led Acid battery solution.

Q-lion has been able to get this technology first to the market and is proud to show and explain it’s capabilities to the world of material handling.

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