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QMRE introduces first Vixla plastic waste to oil system to UK
Illustration of the Vixla plastic waste to oil system

QMRE introduces first Vixla plastic waste to oil system to UK

QM Recycled Energy, QMRE, has overseen the arrival onto UK shores of the first full-scale plastic waste to oil recycling system. With further processing the oil is transformed back into new and renewable plastic

Sourced from their Norwegian technology provider Eagle Technology, QMRE is the first company in the world to introduce the Víxla* system, a cutting-edge chemical recycling system designed to transform plastic waste into recycled energy and ultimately back into plastic.

For the past three years QMRE has been operating a smaller version of the plastic waste to oil system on a test and development basis at their site in Kent. The lessons learned from Kent was valuable input for Eagle when they started developing the Víxla system. The system is developed on the basis of Eagle’s ITDU, a pyrolysis plant capable of processing 60 t/d of drill cuttings. “We are delighted with QMRE as the partner for our first delivery. With years of operational experience and an experienced and skilled team, we are confident that it will be a perfect place for joint learning to further develop and optimise the system together”, states CTO of Eagle Technology, Ørjan Samuelsen.

Víxla’s innovative system allows for decentralised processing of plastic waste, eliminating the need for transportation to large, centralised factories. This approach not only offers economic advantages but also significantly reduces the environmental impact of plastic waste. The product has gained immense interest globally, reflecting the urgent need for effective and sustainable plastic waste management solutions.

The containerised Víxla system is scalable to meet varying local needs, providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution that covers pre-treatment, processing, storage and the sale of the final product. Víxla is built on proven pyrolysis technology and utilises QMRE’s technical developments that effectively turns the operation into a thermolysis system.

This initial system converts 1000kgs plastic waste into 1000 litres of pyrolytic oil and will be installed and trialled by QMRE during Q1 2024. A planned roll-out of production systems, with five tonnes per day capacity, is scheduled throughout the remainder of 2024 and beyond.

QMRE is introducing a network of Víxla systems throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland, both QMRE-owned and operated and customer-owned sites.




QM Recycled Energy, Oast Farm, Mill House Lane, Addington, West Malling, Kent ME195BA


Vimeo 1: https://vimeo.com/909061824?share=copy – first Vixla system leaving production centre in Bosnia and arriving at Dover docks for onward delivery to QM Recycled Energy for commissioning

Vimeo 2: https://vimeo.com/909063777?share=copy – inside and behind the Vixla system as it transforms plastic waste into oil set to be processed into new and renewable plastic




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