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Quadrant2Design extend their Free-Hire Plan exhibiting plan

Exhibition designers and contractors, Quadrant2Design are extending their popular ‘free-hire’ programme to International clients wishing to have exhibition stands at European Tradeshows.

The plan empowers foreign-based, as well as local exhibiting companies to mount larger and more impressive exhibition stands in Europe, without any cost or logistical restrictions.

This revolutionary method of organising an exhibition stand remains open to UK based exhibitors, who are also taking advantage of the plan in ever increasing numbers.

Simply stated, the plan offers the exhibition stand structure – the ‘nuts & bolts’ if you like – on a temporary loan basis. So clients pay normal, competitive costs for their exhibition graphics and for the professional installation of the stand, but nothing for the hire of the actual hardware.

Quadrant2Design’s Director, Chloe Anderton explains: "The plan evolved in the aftermath of the financial crisis, when we looked for better ways of delivering our design and build service to clients"

Quadrant2Design stress that the plan does not represent a reduced or ‘cut-price’ solution. Chloe Anderton: "The free-hire plan has become an integral part of our business model and over 50% of our customers use it to organise their entire programme. Although the plan obviously reduces the cost of a client’s exhibition stand, there are other significant payoffs".

Apart from reduced cost, the other, maybe less obvious, benefits include:

Increased flexibility; exhibiting companies don’t need to invest in exhibition stand hardware, for which they will have limited future use.

Because no contract or commitments are involved, exhibiting companies have the freedom to use free-hire as and when it suits them.

Exhibiting companies are free from the logistical and organisational problems of mounting a complex exhibition project; these issues are taken care of by Quadrant2Design.

The cost savings that exhibitors enjoy can be effectively reallocated towards marketing and public relations – promoting their presence at the exhibition.

The plan is an environmentally responsible way of organising exhibition stands because it makes repeat hired use of a valuable mined resource, the aluminium exhibition stand structure.

Other exhibition contractors are not so pleased with the plan, says Alan Jenkins, MD at Quadrant2Design: "I’ve had hostile reaction from exhibition industry insiders, who for some strange reason, see this as unfair competition! In my book, this is a legitimate and innovative way of delivering our service to a wider audience, offering value combined with creativity. We will continue regardless of criticism from competitors who can’t match our offer"

Quadrant2Design design and build exhibition stands throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, using their exclusive Prestige Events System. The company employs 29 people, has all key functions in-house, and has a fourteen year history of successful projects.

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