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Quartix telematics introduces fuel-saving driving style monitoring

Quartix, one of the UK’s leading telematics suppliers, has introduced a driving style monitoring unit and reporting suite that can save operators as much as £20,000 a year on a fleet of 20 vehicles.

The on-line technology gives accurate information on inappropriate acceleration, speeding and harsh braking. If such behaviour is spotted a driver can be persuaded to adopt a more fuel-efficient, economical driving style.

The innovative Quartix system uses a set of algorithms to establish driving style. And because it is not linked to the can bus there are no vehicle-manufacturer warranty issues, and driving style can be accurately determined across different vehicle types.

The new service comes as part of Quartix’s popular InfoPlus option, which provides real-time tracking with Google maps for multiple users and extensive management information and reports.

At just £10 per month for the first three months, then £22.90 per month on a 12-month rental option, the entire package is offered with free installation, no termination charge, and unlimited use of all features.

Wide range of reports

The following reports – and many more – are included:
• Daily time sheet
• Start location/time
• End location/time
• Travel time
• Average speed
• Maximum speed
• Idle time
• Live tracking by vehicle
• Live tracking by group
• Nearest vehicle to a post code identifying skill set
• Customised vehicle icons
• Customised locations
• Vehicle route replay
• Weekly time sheet (summary and detail)
• Monthly timesheet (summary and detail)
• Mileage report
• Time on site
• Time away from base
• Vehicle utilisation
• Overlapping vehicles
• Speed report by week
• Geo fencing – mandatory zone
• Geo fencing – prohibited zone
• Geo fencing – London congestion charge zone
• Geo fencing – London low emission zone.
• Out of hours report
• Driving style reporting
• Daily driver briefing reports
• Auxiliary equipment usage
• Links to back office systems
• MOT, road tax, insurance due warning
• Driver trip reports
Commenting on fleet operators’ increasing interest in driver-style information, Andy Kirk, Quartix sales and marketing director, said: "Twelve months ago it was relatively new, but more and more people are requesting driving style information. The price of fuel has an awful lot to do with it."

Andy Kirk, Sales and Marketing Director Quartix
Tel: 0870 013 6663
email andy.kirk@quartix.net

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