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Quartix telematics system with Google mapping improves Hertfordshire aerial company’s efficiency

A busy Hertfordshire aerial company is operating more efficiently after equipping its vehicles with Quartix real-time tracking.

Brightwell Aerials, of Hemel Hempstead – which employs four engineers and has two of its four vans connected to the company’s Pay As You Go plan – is also using the online system’s optional Google mapping facility.

Director Bill Flitney is particularly impressed with this feature. He said: "We install and repair aerials on blocks of flats in Herts, Beds, Bucks and London. The Google mapping on the Quartix system not only identifies the whereabouts of each vehicle but can also give assistance to our engineers attending the flats.

"I can see the work required on a particular building and assist the engineers form satellite dish locations by simply zooming down via the internet.

He added: "The advantages of this are enormous and can also be beneficial for locating access etcetera.

"On any building I can actually see possible dish positions and the actual size of the blocks we are working at, and this is crucial to assessing the size and possible difficulty involved in ensuring safe access.

"The mapping system can also be used to assist our engineers locate farms, factories and remote buildings easily. Quartix tracking certainly pays for itself time after time through this one benefit alone."

The system is also aiding customer relations.

"Customers are always asking ‘where is the engineer’ or ‘what time can we expect them’ and at last I can immediately give them an accurate time of arrival.

"This is a brilliant customer care advantage: I would highly recommend the Quartix system, especially linked to the Google option."

The Quartix system helping Brightwell Aerials operate more efficiently in many other ways.

"If an engineer passes a job you may need to send him back the next day. However, by seeing where an engineer is you can prevent this, cutting down on travel and getting peace of mind," said Mr Flitney.

His company chose Quartix because it appeared far more professional than its competitors, had transparent pricing, good after-sales service, and provided a no-contract pay-as-you-go option.

"Furthermore, the system supplies all the information you need and is very easy to use," concluded Bill Flitney.

Andy Kirk, Quartix sales and marketing director, said: "Quartix was the UK’s first major telematics provider to offer pay-as-you-go vehicle tracking with Google mapping and we are extremely pleased Brightwell Aerials find it and the system’s many other features so advantageous."

Andy Kirk, Sales and Marketing Director Quartix
Tel: 0870 013 6663
email andy.kirk@quartix.net

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