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Quentin Willson brings fuel prices to the fore at Freight Transport Association’s labour fringe event

Speaking at the Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) Labour Conference fringe event – The battle for transport priorities: balancing affordable fuel, the deficit and the environment – top motoring journalist Quentin Willson set out his views on the impact of high fuel prices on the economy.

Speaking after the event Willson said:
"The eye-wateringly high cost of fuel due mainly to government taxation is bringing misery to motorists, road users and businesses up and down the country. If policy makers ignore the disastrous impact of disproportionately high fuel duty rates they are in serious danger of running the UK off the road to recovery.

"Through forums like FTA’s Transport Hub, we aim to keep the political pressure up and ensure that this issue remains at the heart of government."

The Fair Fuel UK Campaign’s e-Petition to see fuel duty rises planned for 2012 scrapped stands at around 95,000.

Willson concluded:
"We only need 5,000 signatures to trigger a full Parliamentary debate into the sorry state of the UK’s terrible transport tax policy. Even for non-road users, the knock-on impact of fuel duty on inflation is having an effect; I urge everyone in the UK to sign up now and make their voices heard before more damage is done."

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