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Quick change with Leantek

Efficiency and productivity can be maintained when a process changes in virtually any storage, handling and order picking operation by adapting carts and trolleys created with the modular LeanTek system from The Tube & Bracket Company. New and existing units can be built or modified in minutes using basic tools and standard components so that users always have the optimum solution in applications where adaptability, flexibility and efficiency are required to support best practice and performance improvement. Using modular solutions in this way also avoids the inefficiency, waste and cost associated with bespoke fabricated handling equipment.

“There's no excuse for having an inefficient or unproductive cart or trolley because users can create the one that is ideal for their specific handling, storage and order picking task,” says Nick Tyler, Managing Director of The Tube & Bracket Company. “When the task changes so can the cart but if users bought a welded or fabricated solution they would have to spend money on a new unit or work less effectively with their existing equipment.”

The wide range of LeanTek tubular components, brackets, wheels and accessories can be assembled into lightweight and manoeuvrable carts and trolleys that offer greater flexibility and cost effectiveness than comparable devices made from welded steel and similar materials. All components are completely interchangeable and reusable which means carts and trolleys can be modified, adapted or rebuilt whenever the handling requirement changes. This helps ensure users can maintain handling efficiency while protecting their initial investment over an extended working life.

LeanTek carts and trolleys are widely used in lean manufacturing environments where users typically make minor modifications and changes to the configuration of their handling and storage equipment to deliver incremental performance and ergonomic improvements. Over time these small improvements lead to significant gains in efficiency and productivity through optimising the manufacturing environment and aligning handling and storage tasks with production processes.

The Tube & Bracket Company provides lean manufacturing solutions that help deliver Kaizen-based continuous performance improvement to customers in manufacturing, engineering and production. Its modular LeanTek system comprises coated steel piping, joints and fixtures that can be assembled into a variety of solutions including live storage, carts, trolleys and ergonomic workstations for use in Kanban and first-in-first-out stock management and throughout the manufacturing process. These can be modified or reconfigured quickly and easily to meet process change. The company offers a complete range of consultancy, project management, design, build and component supply services.

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