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Quiet strength from Yale heavy-duty VH electric series

A powerful, highly productive and ergonomically designed 4.0 to 5.5 tonne electric counterbalance, the ERC 40-55 VH series, has been developed by Yale for arduous applications that require precision when handling heavy loads.

Look into the operator compartment of the VH series and it’s likely that the first thing you will notice is a sense of space. This is the result of a design that allows comfortable movement and all-round vision – two of an operator’s most crucial ergonomic requirements – together with comfortable and effortless access to all the truck’s controls.

Starting with the basics, then building in the latest advances in operator-centred technology, and combining those with powerful performance, Yale Europe Materials Handling has developed a highly productive truck that will handle the most arduous of applications with ease.

The VH series is remarkably quiet, smooth and, of course, clean in operation. From the comfort of the full-suspension, fully adjustable seat, which minimises whole-body vibration, to the small, user-friendly steering wheel that provides accurate and effortless control. the operator enjoys every possible aid to precise operation, manoeuvrability and efficiency.

The Stability Enhancement System automatically maintains the truck’s stability by optimising the steer axle’s geometry. This system also contributes to reducing the transmission of shocks and vibrations to the operator and load when travelling over uneven surfaces.

Contoured manual hydraulic control levers are conveniently located adjacent to the operator’s seat, in the standard configuration, with an option of the Accutouch mini-lever module (MLM). In both cases the Forward/Reverse control is incorporated into the hydraulic controls, to allow the driver to keep his left hand on the wheel spinner at all times. The MLM assembly includes a number of easily reached auxiliary controls. The forearm and palm rest, together with the splayed lever design is comfortable to operate with and without gloves.

The truck’s ‘heads up’ display is placed high on the overhead guard, to the operator’s right, to minimise obstruction of forward view. It provides a variety of useful information, in a clear format, including the performance settings. Selectable performance settings within the ‘eLo’ energy saving and ‘HiP’ high performance modes provide precise application matched operation.

A 21 kW AC traction motor delivers significant power, while smooth, seamless forward and reverse directional changes ensure operators have the most comfortable experience. During operation, the Auto Deceleration System reduces the truck’s speed automatically whenever the operator’s foot is removed from the acceleration pedal. This contributes to smooth deceleration and reduced brake wear.

The VH series also features YaleStop an automatically activated parking brake which is applied when the truck stops and is deactivated when the accelerator pedal is pressed. This feature is of particular importance in applications where trucks operate on gradients and ramps as it helps to prevent uncontrolled rollback.

Yale prides itself on the ergonomics of its materials handling equipment and this is evident on the VH series. Additional operator-friendly features include high-grip floor mat and step surfaces, easy on-off access from both sides of the truck and a fully adjustable steering column with infinite angle adjustment through 26 degrees that doesn’t obstruct access to the truck.

Options include an adjustable telescopic steering column with tilt memory, a swivel seat for frequent reversing applications, foot directional control and load weight indicator.

To ensure maximum uptime and productivity and minimise operating costs, the VH series has been designed with reduced maintenance needs in mind. CANbus and AC technology, a Vehicle Systems Manager (VSM) and auto regenerative braking all contribute to reducing servicing costs and cost of ownership.

"The VH is an amazing heavy duty counterbalance forklift full of features to provide users with the most productive, ergonomic, energy efficient, and above all, operator friendly truck," said product strategy manager, Mathew Allen. "Drivers will love this truck – and employers will love the way it contributes to increasing their productivity."

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