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Ramage Transport reduce fuel costs with CMS EcoTrak vehicle tracking

Ramage Transport has recently begun working with CMS SupaTrak to reduce the fuel bill for their general haulage fleet. The operator who runs over 80 trucks and 90 trailers chose EcoTrak fuel saving technology as CMS SupaTrak were willing to work closely with them to develop the technology to fit the business, making it a "choice for the long term".

Over the past few years, the haulage industry has been faced with the challenges of the struggling economy and has been particular hit by the rising fuel prices, which are currently at an all time high. According to Robin Ramage, Operations Director, "Ramage Transport understood the benefits of telemetry systems and began looking for a supplier who could offer a long term solution to monitor and manage our drivers in order to take control of our fuels costs."

After exploring a number of solutions available, Ramage Transport chose CMS SupaTrak to install their award winning EcoTrak fuel saving technology into 44 of their DAF XF general haulage vehicles. EcoTrak records information taken via the vehicle’s CANbus, which includes speed, idling time, over revving, harsh braking and accelerating and excessive throttle use. Using this information, Ramage Transport are able to manage their drivers’ behaviour and work towards improving their operational efficiency. According to Robin, "From the day of installation, we have seen the potential cost savings of EcoTrak"
Robin explains that his decision to work with CMS SupaTrak was "based on their products ability to monitor and manage all KPIs that related to fuel efficient driving, arming me with all the data I need to effectively train and monitor my drivers." Robin also adds that "CMS SupaTrak also came across as a company that were willing to develop their product with their clients making it the choice for the long term."

In addition to the EcoTrak technology fitted into Ramage Transport’s vehicles, CMS SupaTrak also installed Safer Driving Assistants (SDA). The SDA is fitted to the vehicle dashboard and reacts in real time to the driver’s style. It displays alerts when the driver is driving inefficiently, which in turn help the driver to take responsibility for their own fuel efficiency.

The SDA features the EEDI scoring index, developed by CMS SupaTrak to measure the key performance indicators important to the specific business. For Ramage, the importance is placed on speed, idling and over revving, all of which, if managed properly can result in significantly increased fuel efficiency.

Explaining how he uses the system, Robin says that "we covertly analyse driver style through telematics, we identify problem areas and use this data to assist in training the driver, once trained we maintain high fuel efficient standards through the KPIs that the reporting suite presents for us and by the presence of the SDA in the vehicle."

Ramage now use the EEDI score as a powerful management tool. Although there were initial concerns about how the drivers would adopt the technology, Robin Ramage explains that "the SDAs were positively accepted by drivers". He says that "drivers responded positively to the EEDI scoring system and it has created healthy competition between drivers". Robin also explains that Ramage are currently in the process of introducing a driver incentive scheme, whereby "fuel efficient drivers will be financially rewarded for their contribution to lowering the business’ fuel costs.

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