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Rapid Racking supersize BMX bike manufacturers Ruption’s storage space

BMX brand Ruption is peddling its way towards supersized storage space at its newly extended warehouse in Cheddar, Somerset thanks to the Rapid Racking design team.

Rapid Racking has helped BMX bike manufacturers Ruption to supersize their available stock space and maximise the potential of a recent warehouse expansion with a carefully planned series of bespoke racking and shelving installations.

Having come of age with Rapid Racking systems, Ruption’s Director Rob Hill called in Rapid Racking’s Steve Carter when it became apparent that the volume of stock arriving from its Taiwan factory each week superseded the existing storage capability. A bigger capacity to securely and safely store deliveries of the four Ruption BMX models (Ruption, Blank, Eastern, Stolen) plus sundries like helmets, pads, accessories and scooters had been achieved with a warehouse extension, meaning Rapid Racking were needed to kit out the new floor and wall areas with suitable shelving, racking and storage systems.

Thanks to a long-standing working relationship, the Rapid Racking design team were already well-versed in Ruption’s products and requirements allowing them to hit the ground running when it came to designing a workable solution. Steve Carter said, "Ruption have previously commissioned us for numerous product supply and installation tasks. In fact, their first storage installation was by Rapid Racking’s installers and the company has grown with Rapid Racking over a period of several years."

Led by PJ Hall, a three man team from Rapid Racking spent ten days on site in Cheddar installing three distinct systems. All were custom designed for the new warehouse space and the specific consignment sizes used to ship inventory from Taiwan to the UK ready for distribution nationwide;

Two-Tier system:The Rapid Racking two-tier system provides a total of seven shelf levels, with 300kg capacity per level. The overall size of the system was 4.72m high x 6.50m wide and 13.856m deep with a finished floor level of 2625mm. The two-tier system was designed to include walkways for easy stock management, each with a loading of 250kg/m2.

Drive-in racking: The drive in racking system was configured to accommodate 84 pallet locations for good quality pallets up to 500kg UDL and up to 2360mm high. The racking was laid out in 1 block of 7-lanes wide for storage of 2-pallets high and 6-pallets deep.

Adjustable Pallet Racking: A single sided run of 5 pallet racking bays and 2 double sided runs of 5 bays with 1-off link bay were installed in the new warehouse. The adjustable pallet racking featured Corner protection (a valuable safety feature which includes floor fixings and 5mm thick steel on protruding edges) and timber decking at forklift access points.

With the new racking systems now in place, the warehouse extension can operate at full capacity, welcoming even more bikes, scooters and accessories from the overseas factory. Rob Hill says, "Steve has given us a great level of service, and has remained our point of contact through the time we have worked with Rapid Racking and their install teams. The systems he has designed for us have been completely suited to our space and our requirements, and this is why we choose Rapid Racking as our storage supplier time and time again."

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