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New Empty Container Handlers from Linde Material Handling. LONDON, 1 April 2008 – The market for port handling technology is expanding globally at an annual growth rate of approximately 7%. Simultaneously, the demand for high-quality customer-specific solutions is also increasing. In response to these trends, Linde Material Handling is launching several container handlers that are all set to be on the market by 2009. The launch begins this month with the Linde C90 empty container handler with 9-tonne lifting capacity using a 4.0-metre wheelbase, which can stack 8´6´´ containers to 7 high. By quarter four 2008, additional models will also be available with a 4.5-metre wheelbase, these models are able to single-stack 8'6″ containers to 8 high, with the ability to double-stack 8'6″ containers to 7 high.

The new models from the heavy truck production line in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, come complete with Linde hydrostatic transmission, high-performance engine with reduced emissions, special mast for empty container handling and a cabin that creates a safe, comfortable working environment for the driver — and for the first time there is also an option that enables the cabin to tilt backwards 15 degrees, which assists the drivers upward visibility when stacking containers at high positions.

The most significant innovation is definitely the changeover to the hydrostatic drive and lift transmission. As previously seen in the Linde H100 to H180 heavy diesel trucks with a 10–18 tonne lifting capacity, the new empty container handler now accelerates smoothly and responsively using dual pedal control. For driving speeds of up to 16 km/h, the engine revs at just 1500 RPM, making it extremely efficient (maximum travel speed is limited to 25 km/h). The coupling, gearbox, differential and service brake are no longer required, which means the driver need not be concerned with gear changing procedures, and that cost-intensive, mechanical wearing parts are a thing of the past. This ensures lower maintenance costs. The enhanced hydrostatic brake-control system also enables smooth braking procedures and control of larger loads.

The decoupling of the drive and lift functions also creates an additional advantage over the previous converter transmission, as the driving speed will no longer be affected when a lift or tilt function is performed. In addition, simultaneous actuation of the drive and lift functions, when load positioning at low speed, no longer results in the truck requiring an “inching” function, as was required on the previous version. The larger variable pump for lift hydraulics with load sensing and demand-specific hydraulic oil supply, not only enables the empty container handler to lower and lift more quickly, but also improves energy efficiency. The mast reaches full lift speed at just 1500 rpm with maximum load.

The empty container handlers are fitted with a Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engine. It has an output of 142 kW (at 2200 rpm), reaches maximum torque of 931 Nm at 1400 rpm and meets all specifications for level 3A of the Euro 2004/26 EU emission guidelines.

Linde has made a whole host of design changes to the lift mast of the empty container handler. The special Linde mast design is still the unique selling point of the truck. Unlike most other trucks, it is the outer mast that moves during lifting rather than the inner mast. This construction has the benefit of being able to support the load force more effectively and helps the lift mast remain extremely stable even when double-handling. Linde achieves the same objective with the positioning of the tilt cylinders which are fitted to the rear of the chassis at an angle of 45° degrees; the cylinders transfer the load force directly on the lift mast to the rear of the chassis. The stable connection between mast profiles and chassis is particularly noticeable in the increased level of stability achieved at high lifting heights. A four-chain system enables accelerated lifting and lowering speeds. Shorter lift cylinders prevent the cylinder from bowing, which improves the service life of the component. The design of the 20' to 40' hydraulic adjustable side spreader guarantees the driver an excellent view, thus ensuring a high level of safety when operating the truck. With the double-container handling option the spreader can stack and de-stack containers up to 7 high.

Linde has also optimised its new heavy trucks in the area of ergonomics — and this is clear just from entering the vehicle. The driver enters the driver's cabin using wide, easy-to-climb steps made of anti-slip metal grilles which lead to a large platform at the side of the cabin. The cabin itself reveals the high-quality ergonomic standard of the current generation of Linde diesel and LPG trucks: comfortable seat, adjustable steering column, wide arm rest with integrated central control levers (Linde load control), large glass windows at the front, rear, top and sides, as well as a heater and fresh air blower as standard, plus optional climate control. The cabin is designed and positioned to give the driver optimum all-round visibility.

“With technologically leading products and a comprehensive range of services, Linde Material Handling is one of the world's leading manufacturers of trucks and warehouse vehicles. Linde is also one of the most important producers of hydrostatic and electric drives. Linde Material Handling's head office in the UK is located in Basingstoke. Linde Material Handling is part of the KION Group, which is the European market leader in industrial trucks; in the global market, it holds second place. Linde Material Handling employs approximately 12,500 people worldwide and in 2006 recorded annual sales of almost EUR 2.6 billion. Visit Linde online at: www.linde-mh.co.uk”

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