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Reality Road: daring two-wheel stunt with a Volvo FH

In ‘Reality Road’, Volvo Trucks’ TV series, a Volvo FH is subjected to a true test of its strength when it is driven on two wheels at a location outside Berlin. “A stunt of this sort demands a lot from both the driver and the vehicle,” says stunt coordinator Peter Pedrero.

In the third episode of Volvo Trucks’ TV series ‘Reality Road’, a truck is driven on two wheels at a test track outside Berlin. The stunt was performed when filming a scene for the music video with the artist Mapei, recorded during the series.

"Driving on two wheels requires enormous precision. The vehicle has to lean 45 degrees, if it leans less it will drop back down onto all four wheels. For the driver it’s vital to keep the truck at precisely the right angle," explains Peter Pedrero, stunt coordinator.

The preparations were rigorous: the ramp was 12.5 metres long, 140 cm high and inclined at precisely 30 degrees to put the truck at the required angle of 45 degrees. Behind the wheel was stunt driver Walter Melis, one of the world’s foremost experts at driving on two wheels.

"Driving on two wheels in a truck is one of the most difficult things you can do. I have to be totally concentrated when driving since I’m actually balancing the truck with my own weight – I drive literally by the seat of my pants," says Walter Melis.

The two-wheel stunt was not just part of Mapei’s forthcoming music video, it is also part of Volvo Trucks’ campaign for Volvo Trucks Services.

"The aim of the campaign is to show the strength of Volvo Trucks’ service offering. The fact is that thanks to our connectivity services we can check the individual truck’s health in real time, which was what we did throughout the stunt. With reliable information about the vehicle’s condition it is possible to plan servicing individually and thus also ensure productivity," explains Per Nilsson, PR Director Volvo Trucks.

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