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Recent telematics study reveals shortfalls experienced by a cross section of CV operators

In a survey conducted during November, it was discovered that 60% of fleet operators are not satisfied with the performance of the telematics system which they have signed up for.

Conducted by Corby-based telematics system designers, AGM routeMASTER, the survey covered a sample of 50 operators who were each asked if they were satisfied with the system they are currently using. Specifically, the operators were asked if they could easily access and quickly retrieve vehicle data: 30 said they could not. Furthermore, most of these reported that the system they are using is difficult to use to the extent that much of it is left idle.

AGM routeMASTER Director George Weston explains:

“We often hear from operators who find the system they have bought to be difficult to use. Plus, to add to their frustration, many operators say they receive little support from their supplier when they call in to report the difficulties they are experiencing. This prompted us to put a few basic questions to a sample of telematics users about their experiences. Frankly, we were surprised at the number who said that they have ended up paying for a system on a long term contract that is quite useless.”

During the one-to-one interviews conducted by AGM routeMASTER, a common theme was soon established: Operators large and small require a fleet management solution which will help them to reduce fuel and operating costs while increasing efficiency through improved planning, scheduling tracking and reporting. Attributes which numerous telematics providers easily promised but ultimately could not deliver.

“Unfortunately”, continues George, “there are many firms in this industry who set up shop with the best of intentions but either find themselves lacking in the requisite technology or, through their sheer size, are unable to provide the necessary hands-on support which customers need.”

George Weston and his fellow director Alan Stoole formed AGM 15 years ago, initially selling third party systems, however around 6 years ago they teamed up with Technical Director Matt Redfearn with the express purpose of building an in-house system with the end user in mind, providing a powerful, easy to use and affordable telematics system which could easily be installed and used by a cross section of vehicle operators.


Now, with the routeMASTER telematics system widely used in the UK, the company has long ago realised this objective and successfully developed a package which delivers the key elements required by fleet operators of all types, namely: Planning, job creation and scheduling, vehicle tracking and review.

“It really is quite straightforward” adds George, “and all about matching a flexible fleet management solutions package to the operational and commercial needs of the industry. Our routeMASTER system is a powerful cloud-based modular toolset which comprises three core modules: Planning; Dispatch; Tracking. These can be used individually or all together depending on the requirements of each operation. Either way, the data managed by the system is instantly accessible and retrievable, which apparently is where a lot of other systems fall down.”

The entire routeMASTER platform is built on the latest ‘Here’ premium mapping platform with maps updated automatically every quarter and all software updates are free for the life of the system.

George further explains that AGM routeMASTER has remained a ‘hands-on’ operation, whereby each of the team is always available to assist customers with advice and technical support – an aspect of their business which, says George, is greatly valued by their customers throughout the industry.

“The survey was enlightening for us” he concludes, “and I’m pleased to say that we were quickly able to advise a number of operators that the routeMASTER system can immediately remedy the pitfalls they are currently experiencing and can quickly be installed with minimal disruption. Furthermore, all installation and training is provided at no additional cost.”

routeMASTER at a glance:


• Same work – fewer vehicles, less cost

• Eliminate manual planning – instant scheduling

• Extend order cut off time – increase order capacity

• Reduce fuel – less cost

• Intelligent load-to-vehicle allocation

• Instant ETAs for customer notification


• Cloud based – multi-user access

• Live job push and live change direct to drivers

• Constant, live status for tight fleet control

• Customers book jobs online

• Live, paperless PODs and emailed consignment notes

• Reduce traffic office handling


• Improved traffic control

• Automatic ETA updates

• Constant driver performance monitoring

• Reduce idling – cut fuel costs

• Reduce time sheet errors and overpayments

• Absolute control over costing’s, mileage, time on job and overtime

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