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The SSI Schaefer Carousel System (SCS) is now established as a standard system for dynamic paperless order picking with numerous market leaders now using the innovative system solution.

With an automated order-picking process of 1,000 picks per hour, 50 percent more storage compaction and a modular system design, the SCS is an adaptable and intelligent system solution for dynamic order-picking processes with a high performance level and maximum economic efficiency.

With maximum storage location capacity in the most confined space, the SCS does not only provide quick access to stored goods but is also immediately available and quickly adapted to individual requirements ready for operation, ensuring short implementation periods and lasting investment protection.

When capacity requirements increase or order volume, bin sizes or throughput increase, the modular Schaefer Carousel System can easily be adapted by installing further modules.

“By developing innovative systems like the Schaefer Carousel System, SSI Schaefer reacted proactively at an early stage to changing market requirements with intralogistics”, says Rainer Buchmann, managing director of SSI SCHAEFER in Graz, Austria.

“The ongoing high demand for these systems clearly show that SSI Schaefer are established as one of the authoritative quality and innovation leaders of European intralogistics.”

The modular design of the Schaefer Carousel System is indeed one of the most effective innovations in order-picking systems. The unique design of the SCS provides for an order-picking and storage performance increase from 6 to 10, a storage compaction of up to 50%, the complete abolition of travel times and significantly reduced staff requirements.

The design of the fully automated SCS combines the advantages of compact carousel systems with an innovative enhancement of conventional storage and retrieval machines. In its standard version, the SCS module consists of four carousels with up to 6,000 bin locations. The standard bins offered from SSI Schaefer's own production can be partitioned into a maximum of 16 different compartments and have a carrying capacity of up to 25 kilograms. In vertical or horizontal loops, the bins are retrieved from their storage locations in four aisles and transferred to the integrated conveyor system, which then transports the bins to their order-picking positions.

Order pickers can be provided with picking bins from the conveyor loop according to the principal 'Goods to Man'. Order-picking positions are implemented with operator guidance as a combination of 'Pick by Light' and 'Pick to Light' systems with integrated control features. Thanks to these non-fatiguing work processes, the pick rate per worker can be increased to a maximum of 1,000 picks per hour and the error rate can be reduced to zero. Finally, completed order bins are consolidated, prepared for loading and positioned in the shipping area.

Buchmann summarizes:
“With regards to design and performance, the Schaefer Carousel System is an innovative, market-orientated system solution. Due to the modular, scalable system design and the automated process procedures, significant increases in flexibility, performance and quality can be achieved in warehousing and order picking.”

Further information:
SSI Schaefer – 01264 386600

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