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Redcats leads the way in air cooling

Redcats(UK) Ltd, the mail-order division of French-based PPR (Pinault-Printemps-Redoute) whose UK brands include Empire Stores, La Redoute, Vertbaudet and Daxon is leading the way in adopting an environmental approach towards cooling by installing the Breezair Evaporative Cooling system from Seeley International (Europe) within its warehouse complex in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Specified and installed by CoSaf Environments, the Breezair Evaporative Cooling system has provided Redcats with a cost effective cooling system for its picking and packing halls, which has dramatically improved the overall thermal comfort and air quality for staff.

A total of 27 Breezair TBA coolers have been installed by CoSaf Environments into Redcats’ picking and packing halls. As a result, excessive summer temperatures have been substantially reduced, providing the 240 employees in the two halls with a more comfortable working environment.

Carried out as three separate projects, the initial phase provided cooling to the picking hall. This required the installation of 15 Breezair coolers onto the roof of the building, with internal vents strategically placed to inject fresh, cool air to a total area of 6,400 square metres. Such was the success of the first phase, that Redcats asked CoSaf Environments to investigate the installation of further Breezair coolers into the packing hall.

This area constitutes two concrete floors where there was general overheating on the upper levels during spring, summer and autumn. Although the area had sufficient natural air extraction on the upper floor, temperatures at the higher level caused by heat rising and less air movement resulted in high temperatures and uncomfortable working conditions.

To overcome this problem, CoSaf Environments installed eight Breezair evaporative coolers on to the roof of the packing hall. Air is distributed from the Breezair coolers via ductwork to air grille diffusers and then into the central packing area to provide temperature relief. By introducing a steady flow of fresh, cooled air into the area, the Breezair coolers have helped accelerate the level of hot air extracted from the building.

To complete this project, a further four Breezair coolers were installed to provide cooling to a raised platform area, accommodating the sorter’s induction stations. The area, which could be uncomfortable for operatives as there was very little air movement, now has a steady flow of cooled, fresh air, controlled by programmable controllers.

“We considered air conditioning but the price was prohibitive, the size of the area was impractical and the noise and energy consumption would have had a detrimental effect to the environment and surrounding residents”, says Jim Mosley, Project Manager at Redcats. “Breezair evaporative cooling is a first rate system for a number of reasons. It provides cooled fresh air as well as natural ventilation and in addition to being cost effective, quick and easy to install, and low maintenance it is also environmentally friendly”.

The Breezair system is housed in a simple, clean, ultra-modern designed plastic casing specially developed to withstand all weather conditions. The Breezair’s state-of-the-art components include an innovative water distribution system, which delivers continuous, balanced water coverage to all the pads. The world-patented system ensures maximum cooling efficiency and minimal maintenance problems.

An innovatively designed, aerodynamic fan provides a constant, even flow of air over the pads to provide a welcome cool breeze with minimal noise and low energy consumption. Other pioneering components include a highly efficient water pump that guarantees constant and reliable cooling when most needed, and a long lasting variable speed motor that gives maximum comfort level control.

The only company to provide a full range of evaporative coolers for a cross section of industries and applications, Seeley International’s RPX, EA, TBA, ICON and Mobile air coolers incorporate the most advanced evaporate cooling technology in the world. Manufactured to the highest standards, the Breezair is backed by Seeley
International’s 30 years of experience in climate control and the company’s commitment to excellence in customer service.

Seeley International is an innovative global leader in the design and manufacture of portable and ducted natural climate control solutions for the home, commercial and industrial markets. The company’s award-winning air conditioning products are sold in more than 60 countries under the Breezair and Convair brands. A strong focus on research and development – over £2 million spent annually – ensures Seeley meets its corporate mission of leading the industry through continuous innovation and technological advancements to ensure its products are the finest evaporative coolers in the world.

Seeley International (Europe) Ltd.
Tel: 0845 868 2017
E-Mail: eurosales@seeleyinternational.com

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