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RedPrairie acquires Planora and establishes "Centre of Excellence" focused on Advanced Analytics and Optimisation Science

RedPrairie Corporation, a global supply chain and retail technology provider, has announced the creation of a "Centre of Optimisation Excellence" in Montreal. The Centre of Excellence will serve as a technology lab devoted to advanced analytics and optimisation science relative to supply chain, workforce and all-channel retail technologies.

The Centre of Excellence was formed through RedPrairie’s acquisition of Planora Inc., an organisation founded by optimisation research scientists Louis-Martin Rousseau Ph.D. and Alexandre Le Bouthillier Ph.D., and industry veteran Jean-Francois Gagné.

Based in Montreal, Rousseau and Le Bouthillier are internationally recognised for their optimisation research, as well as for developing algorithms that drive robust optimisation software. Through their decades of experience, Rousseau, Le Bouthillier and Gagné have partnered with the brightest minds in academia and industry who will now serve as the brain trust of the Centre of Excellence.

"Creating a Centre of Excellence speaks to the old adage, ‘Knowledge is Power,’" said RedPrairie Chief Technology Officer John Kopcke. "As our customers face shifting market challenges in the form of Big Data, corporate globalisation and the consumerisation of technology, the Centre of Excellence will allow RedPrairie customers to benefit from advanced optimisation best practices that keep commerce in motion, no matter what complexities arise."

The scientific team at the Centre of Excellence will work in conjunction with RedPrairie’s research and development and product strategy groups to support continuous innovation, thought leadership and integration around all existing and emerging RedPrairie solutions.

"RedPrairie has succeeded in its industry for more than 35 years by realising the importance of innovation," said Planora Executive Chairman, Pierre Donaldson. "We are excited about a partnership that will take the very best of optimisation research, Big Data challenges and opportunities, and RedPrairie’s solution footprint to create the most robust software technologies. The Centre of Excellence is another initiative that prepares RedPrairie customers to handle the toughest business challenges of today, and tomorrow."

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