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Reducing SAP implementation time and costs

Reducing SAP implementation time and costs

Data Interchange in partnership agreement with Stratesys to reduce SAP implementation time and cost and allow any type of electronic transaction between organisations.

Data Interchange, a leading provider of B2B Integration solutions, has signed an alliance with Stratesys, a leading SAP supplier in Spain, to work together on the integration of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) messages within SAP Implementations.

The agreement between the two companies is based on a solution that integrates the management of message exchange (EDI) between different trading partners and the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, which generates a communication standard within the system or in external programs.

This will result in reduced implementation times and costs and allows any type of electronic transaction between organisations to be made, regardless of the computer system used or the country of origin.

Ewan Friend, Managing Director of Data Interchange, commented: “For both Stratesys and Data Interchange, this partnership represents an exciting opportunity for business growth as well as improving services within the scope of business integration. Expect further cooperation in other business streams in the coming months.”

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