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Reflexite high visibility safety products helps pedestrians get home safely in winter

Particularly in winter, when it’s snowing and when the suns sets early, the best possible vision on the road can save lives. Reflexite, a developer of micro-prism technology with the best reflection levels, is now offering retail customers exceptionally high specification levels – for more safety through visibility.

Winter is announcing its arrival with shorter days and the season also brings with it a higher number of accidents as studies have shown year after year. Both are related: fading daylight and the dark clothing worn by many pedestrians lead to considerably worse visibility, sometimes with fatal consequences. Most accidents occur at twilight or in fog when visibility conditions are lower.

Pedestrians who wear lighter-coloured clothing are considerably more visible to motorists. But the best way to achieve high visibility – and hence high visibility in traffic – is through the use of highly-reflective, fluorescent materials which are integrated into clothing.

For those who do not wear fluorescent clothing, individual items such as joggers’ bands, Sam Browne belts and "slap-wraps" – are the appropriate solution. These lightweight, reflective items contain micro-prisms whose reflective power is currently the most effective available on the market.

This micro-prism technology, which was developed by Reflexite over 30 years ago, is has been proven to be the most effective method of making pedestrians visible to motorists. The core of this technology is the thousands of prisms embedded in the material that reflect the incoming light back to its source.

The efficiency of the reflection-levels of this technology in this respect ensures maximum performance, where up to 80% of the incoming light is reflected back to its source. With reflection levels of 1000 candelas/lux/m2, Reflexite’s material is twice as powerful as glass bead tapes of usually 500 cd/lux/m2.

Reflexite’s retail range meets the requirements of EN 13356.

These professional-standard Reflexite products are available in their new look packaging with the new Reflexite Logo.

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