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Reflexite tape improves heavy goods vehicles visibility

New Reflexite tape facilitates the integration of logos into reflective HGV strips – and complies with ECE 104

Reflexite is one of the leading suppliers on the market when it comes to technologies which improve vehicle visibility. Reflexite products are not only characterized by their excellent reflective values, but also by their outstanding durability, design flexibility and ease of processing. The company is now launching its VC 104+Imagine reflective strips for HGVs, an innovative product which both complies with the requirements set out in ECE 104 and makes it possible to apply image-boosting logos and text. The new tape will be introduced at this year’s IAA show in Hannover in September.

ECE 104 is a legally binding international regulation, and requires the application of retroreflective safety strips to long and/or heavy vehicles and trailers in order to improve their visibility. It also defines the standards the strips are to comply with.

As the inventor and developer of the prismatic retroreflective technology, Reflexite has always placed great emphasis on blending a high level of safety with the fulfilment of user requirements. The arrival of VC 104+Imagine on the market represents the launch of a product which combines compliance with safety requirements with the desire to apply corporate identity components to HGVs for advertising purposes. As the integration of logos and similar elements into reflective strips was previously impossible, this innovation sees Reflexite reconfirm its status as a technological trailblazer in the field of retroreflection.

By introducing VC 104+Imagine and the option to integrate logos into reflective tapes, Reflexite has made a significant addition to its established range of multi-purpose, ECE 104-compliant reflective strips. In the majority of countries, ECE 104 demands yellow strips on the long sides of both HGVs and trailers and red strips on their rear sides.

In the case of both strip types, an integrated quality seal (the E-mark) gives the user security and guarantees that the product complies with the requirements set out in ECE 104. All newly registered commercial vehicles (7.5t) and trailers (3.5t) will be obliged to observe ECE 104 from 2011 onwards.

This combination of regulation-compliant reflective performance and image-boosting company marketing is unique on the European market, and offers a world of new options in the field of branding and corporate identity.

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