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Reliable Manufacturing helps Anglesey Aluminium stay ahead of the game

Change management consultancy, Reliable Manufacturing, has helped staff at Anglesey Aluminium Metals factory in Wales, prepare for new roles and responsibilities as the business makes the transition from smelting and casting plant to a re-melt and casting operation.

Changing the nature of its operations meant a corresponding transition in the roles and responsibilities for the workforce at Anglesey Aluminium. Reliable Manufacturing ran ‘Manufacturing Game’ workshops for the entire workforce as part of an intensive and integrated two-week training programme in October. The workshops, which were the curtain-raiser for the training programme, have proved central in preparing staff for their new roles.

Cast House Manager, Elfyn Hughes, heads up operations at the site. "The Manufacturing Game is integral to establishing the right attitudes and behaviours from the outset," he says. "It gives people a broader understanding of the business, and their role within it."

The Manufacturing Game simulates real-life manufacturing challenges, allowing participants to identify and eliminate defects within the organisation. "A lot of the problems identified in the workshops may otherwise take three or four years to come to light; by then the damage has been done." says Reliable Manufacturing’s Managing Director, Andrew Fraser. "This process of accelerated learning allows the team to remove potential problems before they even occur."

"The language of The Game is now in constant use right across the company," says Hughes, "it has helped the team recognise the importance of immediately removing bugs and they have a relentless focus on defect elimination."

Hughes reports that since the transition in October, performance has been outstanding. "We have met 100% of our delivery dates, on time and in full," he says.

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