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Renting RTP from PHS Teacrate provides businesses with flexible Top-Up options

A leading returnable transit packaging (RTP) specialist is stressing that supplementing a core supply with rented RTP can ease the capital investment burden on food and non-food retailers by meeting the logistical and financial challenges presented by seasonal demands and economic variations.

PHS Teacrate offers RTP Pool Management services for renting plastic crates and trays, which can save on transport costs, storage space and capital outlay during peak periods, such as Christmas, or a recession when cash flow is tight. Adopting a mix of rented and purchased RTP gives businesses greater flexibility by optimising their supplies at critical times.

Topping up with a guaranteed pool of ad-hoc RTP – available to hire from PHS Teacrate at 24 hours’ notice – when and where it is needed during fluctuating market conditions can eliminate the unproductive downtime of unused transit packaging, as well as the storage requirement. PHS Teacrate works closely with customers to ensure the best fit.

Most businesses have seasonal peaks and troughs, but by having a core supply of purchased crates supplemented by rented RTP at times of increased demand, gives them financial control over a defined period and frees up capital. It also allows more cost-effective planning for Christmas logistics and other special occasions, which in turn generates faster lead times.

PHS Teacrate supports customers with audits and frequent communications relating to stock hired – keeping them informed of their rental commitments. PHS Teacrate can also incorporate its renowned hygienic crate washing service, both before and post use, into the rental agreement, as well as wash a customer’s purchased crates.

Suitable for any-sized business looking to keep a check on capital expenditure, as well as those that experience seasonal fluctuations, renting RTP is ideal for small, fast-growing, forward-looking companies planning to facilitate demand before committing to purchasing RTP to consolidate that growth.

PHS Teacrate’s National Sales Manager, Patrick Sheehy, said: "Whether renting or buying, we can help companies get the right balance. Moving to renting RTP makes sense depending on economic circumstances. By turning the rental supply on and off gives businesses the flexibility they need to deal with planned and unplanned activity. We are committed to helping each customer find the solution that suits them best. "

Manufactured from durable polypropylene, PHS Teacrate’s crates, trays and pallets are specifically designed for multiple trips over an extended life. They offer a rapid return on investment at a minimal impact to the environment. PHS Teacrate’s national fleet operates out of eight depots nationwide giving fast and reliable delivery of plastic crates and trays to anywhere in the country.

Its willingness to invest improves supply chain stability while a reputation for fast and reliable delivery, flexible rental terms and excellent customer service has put it at the forefront of the industry, helping to win contracts with big name brands.

The company handles millions of plastic trays and crates every year in a variety of dimensions including lidded trays, patisserie trays, produce boxes, hygiene pallets and nestable bale arm crates that are compatible with retailers’ existing trays.

Parent company PHS Group is one of the UK’s leading workplace service providers. It has grown from a family run firm in 1963 to become a multi-divisional, multi-national company, servicing over 250,000 customers at over 450,000 locations. The Group employs more than 5,000 staff and has a wide network of over 100 regional service branches, strategically located throughout the UK.
To arrange an appointment with a PHS Teacrate technical consultant to discuss your business requirements (no obligation) call Patrick Sheehy, National Sales Manager, on 0800 980 7000 or e-mail patricks@teacrate.com.

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