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Resealable lidding makes a smart snack solution for Morrison’s

Esterpeel featuring Reseal-It, the resealable lidding film jointly developed between flexible packaging specialist FFP Packaging Solutions and label manufacturer MacFarlane Labels, has been used to great effect in Morrison’s range of snack pasties, sausages, sausage rolls and snack eggs. With no capital investment required on the part of the packer, Esterpeel featuring Reseal-It brings convenience, tamper evidence and pack reduction within the reach of packers of a wide range of products.

FFP are the acknowledged experts in lidding films, and their Esterpeel lidding brand has won awards and plaudits over nearly thirty years. MacFarlane’s Reseal-It is designed specifically for reseal applications and includes unique features that guarantee easy, smooth opening and clearly visible tamper-evidence.

Once the Esterpeel lidding film has been full-colour printed and the Reseal-It mechanism applied, the packaging is supplied to the packer on the reel, and can run down any standard heatseal lidding line that can run registered film. The packer can run Esterpeel featuring Reseal-It at their normal production speed with no loss of efficiency, so food manufacturers and marketers can flexibly provide a real added value pack. There are potential environmental benefits too with no need for a separate, clip on lid to provide recloseability, the pack weight is reduced and the packaging simplified.

As Gary Tee, Sales Director at FFP Packaging Solutions commented, "We have been delighted with the response from our customers since we launched Esterpeel featuring Reseal-It. Customers like the fact that they can test ideas and launch new lines without significant investment, and our relationship with MacFarlane has helped us to offer a really reliable, easy opening solution for resealable lidding film".

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