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Resurgent UK automotive sector drives process revolution in suppliers

GXS(tm), a leading provider of B2B integration services, today announced that Autoliv, the leading international automotive safety organisation, is working with GXS on B2B consolidation and integration.

As the UK car industry defies economic expectations with surging growth and £5.5 billion of global investment, attention is turning to the suppliers whose products and services will be critical in maintaining this success in a volatile global market place. Long term success requires suppliers who can deliver the added value and safety features now demanded as standard in high end models, whilst meeting ruthless production speeds of as little as 77 seconds per car (in the case of Land Rover.)

Rising to the challenge, Autoliv, whose technological breakthroughs in seatbelt and airbag design have transformed passenger protection, chose to implement GXS Trading Grid® Messaging Service, the global electronic transaction management service, in order to boost operational agility and responsiveness.

"We are committed to innovation and customer service," explained Ivan Corvillo, EDI Manager, Europe, Autoliv. "Our technology, which saves around 25,000 lives a year and prevents ten times as many severe injuries, is critical to car manufacturers everywhere. We are determined to match manufacturers’ speed of operation without compromising our world-class product standards. However, researching, developing, manufacturing and testing new product solutions, not to mention ensuring they are fed into our customers’ assembly processes at the right time and in the right order, requires a rapid and effective flow of business documents across an increasingly complex global B2B network of trading partners. GXS Trading Grid has made this look easy. It has become a vital component of our ultra-agile business model."

With 48,000 employees operating from 80 plants in 30 countries, and 600 suppliers worldwide with 10 to 20 new partners coming on board every month, Autoliv faced a huge B2B integration challenge.

"Using GXS Trading Grid Messaging Service, our partners and customers were able to exchange information electronically, quickly and securely, regardless of document format or geographical origin. This has resulted in immense productivity gains and efficiency savings for us," said Ivan Corvillo, EDI Manager, Europe, Autoliv.

GXS enables simplified document exchange, enhanced supply chain visibility and streamlined communications with trading partners. Supporting the exchange of business critical data throughout a company’s supply chain it helps businesses to streamline complex processes, enhance customer service and secure competitive advantage.

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