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Returnable packaging innovator Loadhog introduce HogBox the unique transit solution

Loadhog, the Sheffield-based returnable packaging innovator, has developed yet another unique transit solution with the HogBox, which balances volume and security in handling valuable, delicate or bulky products.

The lightweight, 190 litre capacity, high impact polypropylene HogBox, which has built-in pallet feet; handles; attached lockable lids and a 100kg load capacity, was developed to meet the needs of a major UK home furnishings and improvements retailer.

The revolutionary hand-moved product eliminates the wasteful use of cardboard boxes or plastic packaging. The HogBox is compatible with mechanical handling equipment, including forklifts, and provides tamper proof product protection in storage and transit.

The HogBox, which is large enough to transport an extensive selection of product sizes and weights, can be branded on the exterior and is available in a range of colours.

When loaded, the half UK pallet size Hogbox is securely double-stackable up to six boxes high, needing no pallets to move, and nestable when empty to save space. When stacked, the HogBox can form the HogBox system with the Loadhog Lid which secures the load immediately, requiring no dedicated equipment or one-trip materials and reducing trailer use by up to 50 per cent.

To facilitate the separation and movement of stacked empty boxes, Loadhog has produced a bespoke foot-operated lifter in association with M J Products. This is also capable of carrying up to two loaded boxes, providing excellent mobility for space restricted operations and maintaining the ideal height for filling or picking.

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