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Revolutionary ByBox Vanventory system transforms industry

ByBox, the supply chain mammoth has turned the prehistoric white van into a modern mobile warehouse.

How? Vanventory™, a stock tracking software system which maintains a full inventory of what is aboard a customer’s fleet of service vehicles real-time, maximising stock visibility.

Vanventory™ allows engineers to book stock in and out of their vehicles, view stock lists and complete stock checks with incredible ease and speed. Everything is tracked on the Web with ‘real-time’ updates allowing customers and engineers to know exactly where specific parts are at any given time. Once parts are located, Vanventory™ provides the means to use them in the most effective way.

This is extremely useful for customers as it allows for greater stock transparency and helps prevent stock from going out of date. With regards to stock management, Vanventory™ allows stock to be moved from engineer to engineer easily and with complete traceability. Leakage is eradicated and any discrepancies identified. Additional benefits of the platform are that it enables stock to be better utilised in the field and also allows for auto replenishment or return of stock; making the process simpler and more efficient.

The stock profile can also be tailored for each van allowing a variation of minimum and maximum stock levels for each part number at every stocking location (van). This allows customers to tailor the stock held in each vehicle to match a geographical area or engineer skill profile.

Vanventory™ can also be applied to small stocking locations such as onsite storage rooms. It allows stock to be monitored and ordered more efficiently and effectively.

Vanventory™ looks set to revolutionise the industry and is yet another innovation from supply chain specialist ByBox. Delivering over 20 million items per year to a network of 18,000 boxes across the UK, ByBox continually pushes the innovation boundaries. With annual compound growth of 15,274%, the company is one of the fastest growing in the UK and counts Coca Cola, Ricoh and Computacenter amongst its impressive list of customers.

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