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Revolutionary Contact Drying Technology

(www.spartanics.com) Worldwide manufacturers of nameplates, flexible circuitry, printed luminescent faceplates and other screen printed parts seeking to eliminate expected bottlenecks in the drying stage of production can now obtain a Spartanics-Systec Sheet & Web Contact Drying System that dries both solvent and water-based inks in a fraction of the required drying times in conventional heated air ovens (http://www.spartanics.com/display/products/products_detail.cgi?id_num=45&group_id=12&styleid=2 ).

• Screen printed materials that previously required 2 hours to dry are now fully dry within 30 seconds!

• Typically uses 1/5 or less energy than conventional drying systems. (Cuts energy bills!)

• Modular design (flat or vertical) reduces footprint.

• Helps create top quality work by thorough drying of wet inks from the material surface to the top side, thereby avoiding residual moisture problems.

The Spartanics-Systec Sheet & Web Contact Drying System uses a heated vacuum plate with transport belt on the bottom of the material being dried. An integrated heated air blower furthers the drying process and helps eliminate solvent fumes.

A basic Spartanics-Systec Sheet & Web Contact Drying System is available as a standalone item or as a standard option for the Spartanics-Systec Fineprint Screen Printing Systems (http://www.spartanics.com/display/products/products_list.cgi?group_id=12 ).

Reinhard Zimmerman, General Manager of Systec and a director of the Spartanics-Systec partnership comments, “The typical throughput advantage that the Spartanics-Systec Sheet & Web Contact Drying System provides means that many screen printing companies would realize a complete return-on-investment within a few months of acquiring a system. This innovation in screen printing technology is expected to render conventional drying methods obsolete as soon as word spreads of its various advantages (speed, decreased energy costs, and smaller footprint), especially for high quality work.”

Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA-headquartered Spartanics (www.spartanics.com) manufactures best-in-class technology for both tool-free (laser-based), steel rule die, and male/female hard tool cutting systems, among other equipment for finishing products made from flat stock materials, and in conjunction with Systec also manufactures screen printing systems. Its worldwide service organization uses state-of-the-art virtual service technician technology and also maintains offices and spare parts in Europe.

Systec GmbH (www.systec-bielefeld.de) was established in 2007 as a screen printing manufacturing firm from a prior technical service and sales company TSI founded in 1993.

To place orders or for other Systec/Spartanics product inquiries, please contact Scott Edwards, Sales Administrator, Spartanics, +(847) 394 5700, FAX +(847) 394 0409, sales@spartanics.com .

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