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Revolutionary heater/cooler bulk Container

The Bi–wall container is a revolutionary new product using patented technology. It will allow you to store or transport warm or cool liquids over several days with little loss of temperature.

The twin walled polyethylene container is made as a single piece unit comprising an inner and outer wall with a unique integral cavity that contains a liquid that is heated or cooled to maintain the temperature of the inner container

Manufacturer XJF, is based in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, where it has a state of the art manufacturing facility. The company was formed in 1989 by Paul Fairhurst, Managing Director and has established an international reputation for its plastic moulded navigation buoys, construction, food and pet products. XJF have one of the largest rotor moulding machines in the UK; purpose built to manufacture specialist products and optimise productions runs. Significant investment has also been made in CAD facilities which enable the company to work in close partnership with clients to develop bespoke products and processes.

John Hirst, Sales and Marketing Manager, says “Research and development is key to our business success. This has been and continues to be the biggest driver in our company. It has enabled us to enhance and refine existing products and develop new ones such as the Bi-wall intermediate storage container.

“Our trials have demonstrated that this innovation has a number of significant commercial and environmental benefits to manufacturers/processors in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and material handling sectors.

“It maintains the stability of viscous materials by surrounding the inner container with a suitable medium to heat or cool it. This in turn allows greater quantities of volatile substances to be processed in one batch, thereby reducing material handling and storage. Furthermore, the twin wall design provides protection, acting as bund preventing leakage if the inner wall becomes damaged. This is particularly important in the case of environmentally sensitive liquids”.

The Bi–wall has undergone rigorous trials with Vestas Blades UK Limited, manufacturer of blades for aerogenerators. John Price, Chief Engineer said” we are delighted with the performance of the Bi-wall; it has enabled us to store and maintain the integrity of glues used in the bonding of blades, which in the past has been notoriously difficult. The Bi-wall container has significantly improved our manufacturing efficiencies and we are looking at other areas of the business where we can use it”.

Further details on the Bi-wall container and the range of other plastic moulded products can be obtained by contacting XJF Plastics Limited on 01909 724211 or visiting their web site www. XJFplastics.co.uk

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