Hytera logistics and distribution two way radio communication product solutions

RFID box provides pre-installed system to customers’ requirements

The new HARTING RFID box makes it easy and quick to implement RFID systems
in industrial environments by providing a complete solution which can be
deployed immediately.

The box contains all the necessary components, from the RFID reader, power
supply and fuse protection to a network switch. In the past, these
individual sub-assemblies entailed labour-intensive selection and

Particular features of the box are its robust design (2 mm vanadium steel),
the optimum match of the installed components, and ease of installation.
Thanks to its very high protection classification (IP 65), the RFID box is
ideally suited to open-air applications, and is designed so that the
installed components can be very easily adapted to individual customer
requirements – ensuring maximum flexibility.

The RFID box is fully pre-installed and tested so that it only needs to be
connected to the power supply, network and RFID aerials.

The unit is particularly suitable for applications in port areas (vehicle
recognition), in the construction industry where trucks are loaded with
building materials and need to be identified, or in construction
environments. The fully integrated, powerful and rapid RFID readers make the
box ideally suited for detecting passing trains and carriages in rail

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