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RHA 2016 Haulage Manual out now

RHA 2016 Haulage Manual out now

The Road Haulage Association (@RHANews) has published the 2016 edition of its highly respected “haulier’s bible”, the RHA Haulage Manual.

Commenting, the RHA’s chief executive Richard Burnett (@RHARichardB) said: “Every haulier, from an owner-driver to those running massive fleets, must be compliant. If for any reason this is not the case, their lorries will be going nowhere. That’s why the RHA Haulage Manual has long been recognised as the hauliers ‘bible’ and no traffic office should be without a copy readily to hand.

“Of course in today’s hi-tech world, much of the information contained in the Manual is available online. But you can’t beat having all the information you need quickly, easily, and all in one place. And access to the 450 pages isn’t reliant on a good wi-fi connection – it’s all there at the turn of a page. That’s why we still publish it in hard copy format.”

Covering every aspect of running a compliant haulage operation from facts on traffic regulations or vocational driver licensing to Health & Safety legislation to plating and testing regulations, the 2016 Haulage Manual has all the latest information written in a clear, concise, easy-to-read style. It is also recommended as part of the course reading for the RHA’s transport manager CPC training course and contains the majority of the information the CPC examination syllabus covers.

The RHA 2016 Haulage Manual is available free to members of the RHA. Copies can also be purchased from the RHA shop at the cost of £50.00.

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