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Road Guardian portable weigh pads

from Vishay PM Onboard introduces drive-on “instant weighbridge” for safety and compliance. An independent vehicle weighing capability for operators.

Road Guardian, from Vishay PM Onboard, is a system of lightweight, portable weighpads capable of weighing vehicles from light commercials to HGVs, up to 19 tonnes per axle. Driving onto a set of pads positioned under each wheel creates an “instant weighbridge”, avoiding the need to travel extra miles to the nearest fixed weigh station.

The Road Guardian weighpad allows commercial vehicle operators to assess the loading of vehicles accurately while on site, or remotely in the field. The portable platform weighs 16kg and features an integrated carrying handle for ease of use. At just 3.2 cm high, the unit can also be stored conveniently. Each unit has a maximum capacity of 9.5 tonnes and is accurate to within 0.1% of full scale dependant on conditions. The digital display can be programmed to display weights in kilograms or pounds.

An easy-to-read digital display, integrated into each weighpad, shows the load on a single wheel, and each of the platforms can be programmed to display the combined weight for all weighpads, allowing operators to assess the total vehicle loading quickly and precisely. In addition, the LCD panel has a backlight to enable use in low-light conditions or at night time. The aluminium pad and its integrated display are also rugged to withstand any accidental tyre overrun.
The system is available in sets comprising one, two, four or six platforms for small or larger vehicles, and can be expanded to combine up to 16 platforms. Road Guardian delivers a fast, independent and accurate vehicle weighing solution allowing operators to ensure legal compliance and verify safe operating practices.

Each platform takes six rechargeable AA batteries, which can be recharged from the AC adapter provided or from any 12V source. Up to six platforms can be linked together to recharge simultaneously using a single connection to the charger.

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