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Roadvert helps Uttlesford District Council ring the changes with campaigns

Roadvert helps Uttlesford District Council ring the changes with campaigns

Did you know recycling an aluminium can could save enough energy to power your TV for up to three hours?

Or that leftover food scraps can be used to generate electricity?

People living in Saffron Walden and the rest of Uttlesford District Council area soon will, thanks to a public information campaign being run on the sides of bin lorries.

Refuse trucks fitted with quick-change Spedian™ vehicle graphics are reaching every home in the area with the messages, the latest in a series run on the vehicles.

This new campaign is designed to make people think twice before throwing waste into the general rubbish bin by reminding them what can be recycled and why.

As well as highlighting the benefits of recycling drinks cans and leftover food, Uttlesford District Council is also reminding residents that glass jars can be recycled ‘again and again and again’.

Previous campaigns run on the council’s refuse collection fleet include one to encourage people to put forward their views on the council’s proposed Local Plan and another to warn people of the need to dispose of waste responsibly in a partnership campaign run across Essex by the Cleaner Essex Group.

Lawrence Craig, CEO of Roadvert, which produces the Spedian™ graphics panels, said: “Uttlesford District Council can ring the changes with promotional campaigns easily because our lightweight, reusable graphics panels take less than an hour to install or uninstall.

“They don’t leave any sticky residue on the vehicles, or damage them in any way, and can even be rolled up and used again at a later date, making them ideal for seasonal campaigns.

“Using Spedian™ graphics on bin lorries is a fantastic way to get messages out to all parts of a district and reach a wide audience. It is also a great way to generate extra income if the space is rented out to third parties.”

Cat Chapman of Uttlesford District Council said: “Thanks to Spedian™ graphics we can take our messages exactly where we want them to go – right past the front doors of everyone living in the district.

“We are very pleased with the performance so far and look forward to the new campaign being a great success.”

One of the advantages of Spedian™ graphics panels is that when they are remove they don’t leave any sticky residue behind or damage the vehicle in any way. No rivets, screws, nuts, bolts or rails are required to install the system.

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