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Robinsons specifies Baumann exclusively for its side loader forklift truck fleet replacement programme

As part of a planned side loader fleet replacement programme, Salford-based supplier of timber and sheet materials GE Robinson & Col Ltd has taken delivery of 7 brand new Baumann GX50 5 tonne side loaders over the past 18 months. The final two trucks from this seven strong order went into service with Robinsons in July this year, completing the replacement programme for the previous incumbent 12 year old side loaders.

Commenting on the new Baumann trucks in the fleet, Paul Kavanagh, operations director at Robinsons said, "Following a detailed evaluation exercise, we felt that the Baumann side loaders would give us the fuel saving, reliability and robust design for operation at our very busy 6 acre site here in Salford. As Baumann is a specialist company that only makes side loaders, we felt most comfortable with the Baumann product. The company quickly impressed us with its product design and manufacturing expertise and, at all times, they were extremely focused and keen to work closely with us to provide us with side loaders that fully met the requirements of our operations."

The first three new Baumann GX50 side loaders joined the Robinson fleet in 2012, with a further two trucks arriving in March 2013, before the full order was completed this month with the delivery of the final two trucks. In general, Robinsons estimate that each vehicle will be operating between 1000 and 1200 hours per annum, with an anticipated working life in the region of 12 years.

"Historically, 12 years is the expected operational life for side loaders on our site and we are extremely confident that the new Baumann side loaders will achieve and more than likely exceed this timescale. Although our site is extremely busy, these are dedicated purpose designed side loader trucks that are working in good conditions, on a good road surface, on dedicated roadways," added Paul Kavanagh.

The decision by Robinsons to replace its ageing side loader fleet goes back to 2012 when, in conjunction with its local materials handling service dealer Industrial Truck Supplies (ITS), the company embarked on a major fleet replacement programme. ITS was already working closely with Robinsons on its material handling equipment and, through its proven experience with the marque, recommended Baumann for this programme. Following detailed negotiations that included a factory visit to Italy to see Baumann manufacturing at first hand, Robinsons confirmed its decision to switch to Bauman side loaders.

"Throughout the negotiations and the subsequent fleet integration, on-going contact with Baumann has been extremely good. We get excellent technical support locally through Baumann staff and ITS, who are both regular visitors to our site, assisting our drivers with familiarity programmes and best practice for the trucks," added Paul Kavanagh.

GE Robinson has a long history in the timber trade, going back to 1914 when the family company was founded on its present Salford site. Side loaders form an important part of the timber handling equipment used throughout the company. At Salford in particular, Robinsons have set out their site operation based around the use of side loaders, enabling the company to achieve maximum utilisation of space through the ability to stack timber to far higher levels, whilst also ensuring the trucks achieve full manoeuvrability around the site.

Baumann too has an impressive 40 year heritage, and in common with Robinsons, still has all its production facilities on its original site at Cavaion in Italy. The timber industry is one of the main markets that use side loaders for the movement of goods in a fast and safe manner, and Baumann has the proven global expertise in this market to provide its customers with dedicated side loaders that are geared specifically to the industry demands.

"Within the timber industry, Robinsons have an excellent pedigree going back many years. Their decision to choose Baumann as its side loader supply partner for this major investment programme is testament to the proven reputation and performance of the Baumann range and we are looking forward to working closely with the Robinsons team in the long term to ensure that they maximise performance of these new GX50 side loaders," said Andrew Burton from Baumann.

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