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Robopac stays strong

Pallet stretch wrapping has been around for about 30 years, which makes the market very mature. With production being exported overseas and a great deal of consolidation of many major brands, the resultant closure of factories and the surge of second hand machinery onto the market, there are fewer opportunities within the traditionally major markets of Food and Drink. In these circumstances, new high-speed fully automatic systems are usually only introduced with investment in new production lines, which are few and far between these days.

Single supply of machines is more and more often as replacement of existing older machinery. The same competition for fewer opportunities.

All of this means that only the very best will succeed in these difficult circumstances. The ” best ” means a combination of leading technology, experienced advice and the highest standard of after sales support at an affordable price.

Aetna UK believes they have built this package after 15 years of investment and service in the UK market. Starting almost from scratch in 1990, they introduced the first ROBOPAC pallet stretch wrappers into the UK, where they have since experienced year on year growth to bring them into a dominant position in the market place.

Today they are the clear leader in the supply of semi auto pallet wrappers with perhaps some 40% market share and at least 35% of the fully automatic market. Many blue chip companies have long since adopted the ROBOPAC equipment and continue to look to Aetna for advice and guidance as their production needs develop.

ROBOPAC certainly offer the widest choice of pallet stretch wrapping equipment and there is clearly a machine for every application and every budget, from entry level to the very highest speeds in excess of 100 wrapped pallets an hour.

There has been a constant investment in Research and Development by the Aetna Group over the years and they are proud of the technology they offer and the position they have as not only the world's largest manufacturer of stretch wrapping equipment but also the world leader.

In addition to the pallet wrappers, ROBOPAC also manufacture an increasing range of horizontal stretch wrapping systems, which are finding a rapidly increasing interest from many varied Industrial markets where there is a new enthusiasm for film wrapping.

Aetna UK continue to expand their organisation, making further investment in geographically based service support and logistics capability and although they moved into new premises only four years ago, are already finding there is a need for additional storage in order to meet the high standards of supply which are expected by the market place.

From their attractive and interesting showroom at Oakley, they are able to demonstrate the ability of much of their range and provide a warm and well-informed welcome. An increasing number of visitors are taking full advantage of this excellent facility.

With, what is certainly the most settled and experienced team in the UK, Aetna believe they are well equipped to continue their market leadership in spite of the increasingly difficult circumstances facing the British manufacturing base.

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