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Robotics Company Chooses Fortress to Safeguard Operators

ATM Automation has chosen Fortress Interlocks to safeguard workers at its Robotics manufacturing plant in Blaby, Leicestershire and on ATM robot cells at all customer sites where they are designed to ensure cells are safe for operators and meet all safety legislation.

Fortress' eGard interlocks protect a robot cell. When an operator wants to gain access he must turn and remove the key from the unit holding the door closed. This action shuts down the power to the protected area and allows operator access. Once inside the operator is protected as no one can restart the system while he is inside.

In addition, by inserting the door key into two key switches inside the cell, the operator can manually control the robot at a reduced power allowing programming and teaching of the robot without risk. Because eGard interlocks are completely modular Fortress has also integrated the emergency stop button onto the door interlock, removing the need for a separate e-stop button and cable.

Neil Baron, Control Engineer at ATM commented: “eGard protects our workers and customers from the potential dangers of the robot cells. As it's modular, it gives us a lot of flexibility and we were able to design the exact safety system we needed. We can also easily add or change any modules in the future depending on our needs. We're very happy with it.”

ATM Automation is one of the UK's leading automation suppliers producing bespoke automation robotics for the manufacturing and process industries.

For further information about eGard or other Fortress products, please visit the company website at www.fortressinterlocks.com

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