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Rocketing to success with topsystem partnership

The launch of the new partnership between SAP supply chain and warehouse management specialists Rocket Consulting and topsystem, suppliers of logistic industry Pick by Voice systems has successfully taken off. The two partners will collaborate to provide turnkey SAP voice solutions.

"At Rocket Consulting we are experts in utilising SAP and are niche specialists with deep technical application and business process knowledge in our field. We use the best practices and technology to optimise customers’ supply chain and warehouse management operations. This new collaboration with topsystem presents us with the opportunity to provide a fully integrated SAP voice solution which provides our customer significant benefits, particularly when compared to interfaced middleware voice solutions," explains Lewis Marston, CEO of Rocket Consulting. "Using topsystem’s topSPEECH-Lydia Pick by Voice system we are able to offer customers an easy to deploy SAP voice add-on that provides warehouse operations with voice enabled and optimised putaway, picking and replenishment processes," continues Mr. Marston.

topSPEECH-Lydia from topsystem, is a high performance solution for speech controlled picking and data capture, which allows pickers to have their hands free as they receive their instructions over a headset. This allows the picker to exclusively concentrate on picking the goods which ensures much higher standards of picking quality by avoiding mistakes and greatly increasing efficiency.

Through this partnership the Rocket Warehouse Management Voice Suite SAP add-on is accessible to customers worldwide. In addition to their SAP application and technical expertise Rocket bring considerable practical and operational experience to the partnership backed by a solid SAP research and development programme and SAP prototyping and demonstration landscape which includes a rapid development environment to meet any bespoke voice application requirements that customers may have. Rocket provide full SAP implementation services for supply chain and warehouse management solutions, including the integration of complementary technologies.

"At Rocket Consulting we offer more than just professional services. As a SAP software partner we also have a growing library of other specially designed SAP add-ons, known as Rocket Packs, to compliment and extend the SAP logistics execution, warehouse management and supply chain functions. These Rocket Packs are quick to deploy robust solutions that focus on process and resource efficiency improvements with short return on investment periods." clarifies Lewis Marston. Speaking about the new partnership Mr. Marston confirms: "We aim to firmly position the topsystem solution as a fully integrated SAP voice solution with all of the associated benefits over and above an interfaced external solution." Concluding Andreas Finken, International Sales Director at topsystem comments, "topsystem will be recommending the Rocket voice suite and implementation services as a method of rapid, robust voice enablement into SAP managed operations. Our intention is to keep developing this valuable partnership and to jointly increase our share of the SAP voice market."

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