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Romanian fleet deal announced

Romania-based Ferfelis, part of the market leading Greek third party logistics group, Elgeka, has recently invested in a further fleet of five Flexi Hi-MAX articulated trucks from Narrow Aisle Flexi.

Built at Narrow Aisle's UK manufacturing plant to conform to all European standards, including ISO 9001, FEM and TUV, the trucks will operate at Ferfelis's shared user facility close to Bucharest from where goods are handled and distributed throughout the Balkans and into Eastern Europe for a wide range of blue chip FMCG clients, including Proctor & Gamble and Gillette.

The Ferfelis facility is a modern high bay warehouse and, thanks to its heavy duty mast, the HiMAX will lift palletized loads to 10.8 metres, while a specially-developed tilting and side-shifting fork carriage eliminates mast deflection at the highest lift heights.

The HiMAX has a triplex free lift mast with twin side-mounted lift cylinders to ensure that the operators at Ferfelis have excellent forward visibility at all times. And when the forks are fully extended to put away or retrieve pallets at 10.8 metres, a high definition LCD CCTV screen gives the operators a clear view of the pallet and enables the most comfortable operating position to be maintained. To further improve operator comfort a fully adjustable high-back seat with arm rests reduces fatigue and, therefore, ensures that the truck is operated at its most productive throughout even the most arduous shift.

Ferfelis's decision to choose Flexi HiMAX articulated trucks was, in part, driven by safety concerns. While narrow aisles are a feature of the site, the new warehouse had to accommodate a high amount of ground level order picking out in the aisles below the high bay bulk store. This meant that when selecting its trucks, the company was acutely aware of the need to leave sufficient room in the aisleways for forklifts and order pickers to be able to work alongside each other safely and efficiently.

Because of its design, the HiMAX articulated truck is perfectly suited to working in narrower aisles alongside order picking staff without creating a health and safety issue, as John Maguire, Narrow Aisle's sales and marketing director, explains: “Ferfelis were concerned that when traditional guided products such as Man-Up Combis are operating it can be difficult for low level order picking tasks to be carried out safely in the same aisle at the same time. Man-up Combi trucks, for example, might lift the operator 10 metres in the air and at that height there is always a risk that the Combi operator will not notice the order picker working below with obvious consequences. ”

The trucks at Ferfelis are supported by Narrow Aisle's global after-sales service and parts support network.

John Maguire, concluded: “Ferfelis, has become one of Romania's most important third party logistics service providers. It offers its suppliers, clients and distributors high quality services at the lowest possible costs and the company is one of a growing number of companies in the region who have realised the advantages that articulated trucks offer over traditional reach trucks and guided VNA machines.”


For over 30 years, Narrow Aisle Ltd has been one of the world's foremost manufacturers of very narrow aisle (VNA) equipment. Narrow Aisle manufactures and markets the award-winning Flexi range of articulated forklift trucks and specialist heavy duty reach trucks. Trucks, designed and manufactured at the company's UK manufacturing plant are distributed world-wide through a fully supported distributor network, while Narrow Aisle Ltd also has outsourced manufacturing with a technology partner company in Taiwan for the supply of Flexi trucks to the Asia Pacific and American markets.

Tel: 0121 557 6242
Email: info@flexi.co.uk

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