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ROS turns to Handel Sollevamenti for the design and construction of special jib crane

ROS has been in the market as a supplier of laminates, especially light steelwork, to third parties since the early 1980s. A steady growth in orders led the Azzano Decimo (Pordenone) based company to double its production area in 2000 to make room for the acquisition of new technology machinery and to satisfy the increasingly challenging needs of its customers. In recent years, ROS has also made efforts to provide a finished, assembled product, fully packaged and – where requested – delivered directly to the final customer,
using both its own and other companies’vehicles as a time-saving measure. Its experience, professionalism and certified quality have helped it gain the trust of major domestic and international companies.

The company’s guiding principles include technological innovation, keeping pace with developments in the sector, the quality of its products, ensured by a UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management system with constant monitoring during all phases of production, and the quality of its service, providing support to the
customer from design to delivery.

ROS operates in sectors as diverse as industrial photography, ecology, textile machinery, home appliances, furnishings, telecommunications, ships, furniture for public spaces, agriculture and metalwork in general. The new jib crane designed for ROS by Handel Sollevamenti incorporates certain unique features that make it a very highly-customized product. "In the first place, given the requirements of the process, the hoist has been constructed with a telescopic column," explains Dr Federico Alcido, Sales Manager of Handel Sollevamenti. "Our solution is based on the coupling of two tubular columns that can slide into and penetrate each other using special guides in PET and bronze. The raising of the secondary column is ensured by use of a worm shaft and a gear motor that moves the secondary column upwards, allowing a net stroke of 1300

Another technical peculiarity illustrated by Frederick Alcido may be found in the jib arm. It is about 8 metres in length and is fitted with a pivot joint at its central point which allows rotation movements up to a maximum
angle of 270°. The crane operator can then move the load in any direction, with the result that loading and unloading operations of the part being worked on can be carried out more easily.

"The customer asked for mechanized rotation of the primary arm of the pillar jib crane," says Federico Alcido.

"This requirement has been satisfied by using a gear motor coupled to a gear unit which allows a very high-speed reduction ratio to be generated".
A final feature of note is that all operations – hoisting, pivoting and travel of the column – are carried out by remote control. This decision was taken to avoid unnecessarily large dimensions and to simplify manoeuvres during lifting operations.

Lifting is entrusted to an efficient Verlinde Eurochain VL2 hoist (with a maximum capacity of 250 kg), which allows high performance when lifting masses. "By combining our know-how with Verlinde’s technology, it was possible to create a telescopic jib crane that is the only one of its kind," says Federico Alcido.

1 / 3 Handel Sollevamenti started life as a manufacturer and servicer of bridge and jib cranes. The guiding principle of the company has always been to create high-quality products, and attention is paid to every detail. The preparation of its products depends on professional skills and experience that all its personnel have acquired. "Our products are used all over the world," underlines Federico Alcido. This is a success story which has its roots in the level of attention paid by the Porcia-based company to its customers and their

"Our father, the founder of the company, was of the idea that that customer satisfaction must be complete," says Federico Alcido. The choice of Verlinde, whose products have been known for their high level of quality
for over 150 years, is also a product of this conviction. "We use Verlinde motors and hoists for our projects because our customers recognize the benefits of this decision: low levels of replacement of parts, low noise levels, good speed, etc.", he adds. "Also, the Verlinde hoist is sturdy and easy to assemble and very simple to maintain. This also makes it suitable for machines for export".

"The logics of positioning in the market are complex, and this is why we try to serve an increasingly diverse range of clients, so as not to run the risk of those sudden drops in production that might occur in a single sector. Verlinde’s broad product portfolio allows us to respond to this need in an optimal fashion", Federico Alcido concludes. The data confirm the soundness of Handel Sollevamenti’s decision: sales increased in 2011 despite the economic crisis, and new skilled personnel were hired.

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