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Rosenberger selects AEB’s comprehensive supply chain solution

Introduction of ASSIST4 Customs Management, Transport & Freight Management, Compliance and Risk Management and Visibility & Collaboration Platform
Leamington Spa, 4th September 2013 – Rosenberger Group, a leading global manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) connectors, has implemented AEB’s comprehensive supply chain management and global trade solution suite ASSIST4 to monitor shipments and ensure smooth global distribution of goods to and from Rosenberger’s headquarters in Germany and the company’s plant in Hungary.

Rosenberger manufactures over 6,000 different types of plugs and connectors. With over 730 patents, it is among the top innovators in the world of high-frequency technology. Its connectors touch many areas of our lives, e.g. by transmitting signals through cellular base stations and satellite receivers and enabling our cars to have on-board GPS and navigation systems.

They are also a critical element in the power transmission of electric and hybrid vehicles, electric bicycles, and power scooters. Rosenberger supplies global players in the telecommunications, industrial measurement, automotive, medical technology, industrial electronics and data systems industries. In 2009, when Rosenberger first looked for software that would automate its export processing and logistic processes, the company implemented AEB’s global trade and logistics suite ASSIST4 at its headquarters – one module at a time. In addition to Customs Management and Transport & Freight Management, Rosenberger also installed the Visibility & Collaboration Platform and AEB’s Compliance Engine. And AEB’s software manages the logistics at Rosenberger’s plant in Hungary, where the individual parts are assembled and packaged for shipping to eastern European countries.

As a result, the entire process of packing goods and generating shipping papers has been streamlined and accelerated. For staff in Rosenberger’s logistics and IT departments, the primary objective was to get rid of all the different standalone solutions and migrate to one central platform, with all the relevant rule bases stored directly in the software. Rosenberger employees using ASSIST4 can now check the status of a consignment at any time. The sales team can run a proactive check to see whether a specific consignment has been packed or shipped yet, and the Visibility & Collaboration Platform.

The Rosenberger warehouse in Fridolfing, Germany provides an extra benefit for Rosenberger: The delivery scan is also considered a valid alternative proof of exit, should the endorsement of exit for a particular export consignment not be available yet. Rosenberger also uses AEB’s Compliance & Risk Management solution, which runs restricted party screening and automatically carries out a real-time check of all addresses Rosenberger uses for their export transactions against the official embargoes and the annexes of EU regulations 881/2002, 2580/2001, and 753/2011.

Any matches trigger a transaction block. The complete ERP system data – some 30,000 addresses – is also sent to the Compliance Engine every evening for overnight screening. That’s important because, out of the up to 300 consignments that are shipped from Rosenberger’s headquarters in Germany each day, about half stay within the EU while the other half is exported to other countries. Some 40 percent of shipments go to other Rosenberger sites around the world, e.g. plants in India and Brazil, with the other 60 percent going directly to customers – network operators and telecommunications suppliers such as Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent, all the large automotive companies in Germany, as well as automotive suppliers such as Bosch, Blaupunkt, Panasonic, and Siemens. Rosenberger’s clientele even extends to the aerospace industry. It is vital that any potential errors and delays are prevented from the start. Martin Motz, Rosenberger’s Head of Customs and Export Controls, said: "Never before had I used software so intensely before we began using ASSIST4.

Information technology has helped us streamline our processes and take our quality to an entirely new level. We are constantly evaluating which other functionalities we might use in future. Currently we are studying mobile control of the loading processes. Preparations are also underway to automate our freight cost calculations. The underlying basis – integrating our carrier quotes into the system – is already in place."

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