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Rotator Reel clamp from Logitrans effortlessly lifts and rotates heavy reels

Logitrans, the company now launching the Rotator Reel clamp, is known for its unique solutions for very specific material handling situations in companies.

The new Rotator Reel clamp is a welcome help for everybody who needs to lift, carry and rotate heavy reels, and position these on shelves, machines, etc. It protects back, shoulders and arms and makes it possible to avoid inconvenient lifting when handling heavy reels.

The Rotator Reel clamp grips the reels by the circumference with two gripping arms, with electric clamping and rotation. It is available in both manual and fully powered propulsion.

"The Rotator Reel clamp can rotate 90° to each side and has a maximum capacity of 450kg. However, the capacity depends on the reel diameter, winding and surface and has to be estimated in each case", says Anthony Dollimore, Managing Director at Logitrans UK Ltd.

"It is hard, uncomfortable and often impossible to lift and rotate reels without help – and many enquiries have now led us to introduce the Rotator Reel clamp as an alternative to our manual reel spindle and reel clamp. Rotator Reel clamp manages the heavy reels, whereas our reel spindle and reel clamp manage the lighter duty reel handling", Anthony Dollimore ends the interview.

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