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routeMASTER telematics cuts costs for Johnson Bros Tours with ‘15 minute idling rule’

routeMASTER telematics cuts costs for Johnson Bros Tours with ‘15 minute idling rule’

Johnson Bros Tours, the Nottinghamshire based independent coach tour specialist is using a cloud-based tracking system to manage and control excessive idling for their 150-strong coach fleet.

Installed by leading fleet management software designers, AGM routeMASTER, the on board telematics control system features a multi-functional tracking device which is programmed to monitor each vehicle.

George Western from AGM routeMASTER explains:

“All routeMASTER tracking systems monitor vehicle idling but in this case we have configured the software to monitor and send an automatic alert to the traffic office when any vehicle has been idling for 15 minutes. This is an instant, real-time, email and/or SMS and enables the relevant manager to take immediate corrective action.”

According to George, there are a number of areas where the routeMASTER telematics monitoring system can make a real difference to any commercial transport or passenger vehicle operation.

“Fuel consumption, engine wear and tear, air quality and carbon emissions – all can be improved with this simple, online monitoring device.” says George. “And Johnson Bros Tours is just one of many operators who are now seeing the benefits of the system.”

Family member, Lee Johnson also sees the improvements which routeMASTER has brought to the operation.

“Vehicle idling has a direct impact on your bottom line and just by reducing the average idling time of each vehicle by a few minutes per day –up to 50% in our case – you can save a significant amount in fuel usage and long term maintenance. Clearly, there is also a positive impact on the environment, because less fuel burned, adds up to less CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere.”

In addition to managing excessive engine idling, producing traffic updates and looking after vehicle scheduling, the routeMASTER system allows Johnson Bros to track the speed and location of every coach in the fleet, whatever its location throughout Europe.

“The 15 minute rule works well for us” adds Lee Johnson. “And it’s made possible by using an effective but simple tool. Quickly and easily installed, with a surprisingly fast return on investment. Certainly, we would not be without it.”

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