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Royal mail swaps with Loadhogs Post haste system

Loadhog, the Sheffield-based transit packaging innovator, predicts with some confidence that increasing volumes of UK commercial mail will be transported in trays on its unique Pally & Lid system as more and more customers and postal services hear about its efficiency, economy, easy use, safety and added security.

The reusable Pally & Lid system has already proved its worth with several Downstream Access (DSA) providers, who have utilised more than 5,000 since its launch, and Royal Mail started ‘road-testing’ 1,000 systems, which it calls Tray Dollies, late last year – business totalling more than £1/2m for Loadhog!

Royal Mail, which is actively promoting trayed mail rather than bagged mail due to the revised tariffs in "Access 70", has just signed a contract with DSA providers to operate a one-to-one swap out with Tray Dollies. Everything is now in place to save money and provide a faster and more efficient service through the supply chain.

The lightweight Tray Dolly is a complete and common-sense alternative to a roll or pallet cage, occupying the same footprint, allowing access and easy scanning from all four sides and eliminating potentially hazardous metal sides. The half euro, self-locking lid’s integrated and retractable straps ensure the mail’s security, clamping four tray stacks up to seven high to the Pally which converts from a pallet to a wheeled dolly, and vice versa, with a single pedal push.

Due to the robust lid applying pressure from above and the absence of sides, vehicle fill can be maximised by more than 40 per cent, with up to 64 loaded Tray Dollies carried per vehicle, as opposed to 45-49 cages. Furthermore, an 80 per cent reduction in storage space is achieved after unloading as the systems can be placed on top of each other.

The Pally & Lid system is currently being utilised by some of the UK’s largest and best-known mailing houses and mail couriers, and becoming established as a major part of the postal industry across Europe and Asia, with further trials taking place.

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