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RTITB enters strategic agreement with ThinkLink Learning to roll out world class forklift training across India

ThinkLink Learning, India’s first RTITB accredited organisation, launched a bold new initiative to deliver world class fork lift training across India at a prestigious inauguration ceremony in Haryana in North India on Friday 10 April.

Praguna training is an initiative for outstanding vocational training in logistics and the event was held in the Praguna Centre, where Managing Director of RTITB, Laura Nelson, was invited to give a speech, highlighting the importance of this strategic partnership and of accredited lift truck training.

“Training helps to reduce the risk of an incident,” says Laura. “A site working in partnership with RTITB in the UK, for example, employing RTITB trained forklift operators has reported zero lost time incidents or accidents in the last three years. This is RTITB’s vision for every site using forklift trucks and as an internationally recognised RTITB accredited organisation, it is also ThinkLink Learning’s vision for operations across India.”

The most important benefit of RTITB accredited training is the reduced risk of accidents in the workplace, but there are other benefits to accredited training, including an increase in employee uptime, a reduction in the potential of damage to stock, and an increase in profit margins due to both of these factors. The objectives of ThinkLink Learning’s Praguna Training are to help businesses across India to reduce risks and to enhance efficiency levels and increase profit margins.

On top of this, employee well-being and morale is improved as the operators feel more confident in themselves and their managers. This further enhances the previously mentioned benefits to companies and gives employees in India a chance to build a better career.

Praguna Forklift Training is now independently verified by RTITB, which means that organisations and trainees can be sure that ThinkLink Learning is delivering training that meets international standards.

Founder and CEO of ThinkLink, Saurabh Goyal, said at the launch event; “The Praguna initiative is a key milestone in our journey towards building a world class ecosystem for high performance supply chains in India. Modern Supply Chains in the on-demand economy will need skilled associates who can work in connected, automated, and mechanised environments and ThinkLink Learning will help deliver this talent pool through the Praguna initiative. We start this journey today through the Lift Truck programs in partnership with RTITB, a world leader in vocational skills for Logistics, and thank them for agreeing to work with us on this initiative; we could not have found a better partner.”

ThinkLink Learning partners with companies to build world class supply chain and logistics organisations by providing services such as Praguna, which offers a top-quality training model for businesses to use.

“I feel that ThinkLink Learning will be a good partner to fly the RTITB flag in India,” Laura Nelson says. The company has served professionals from more than 300 Organisations since 2006 and has worked with more than 50 Companies through Consulting and Project Management Engagements, while supporting more than 1,500 Executives and 2,500 Operational Associates on their Skill Development Journey.

RTITB and its partner organisations are heavily committed to safety and professionalism. “The first accredited Indian company marks a step closer towards global investment in employee skills and a safer and more productive worldwide working environment for operators,” adds Laura Nelson.

For more information about the partnership between RTITB and Praguna, visit www.rtitb.in.

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