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RTITB helps employers with new guide to operator training

Training is critical to workplace safety. Often training standards are poor – if training is carried out at all – which is why fatality and injury statistics relating to workplace transport make such devastating reading each year. Standards based, effective training could make all the difference, and that change must begin with clear information for employers.

A brand new publication by the UK’s leading workplace transport training accrediting body aims to help employers reduce risk and improve safety in their day-to-day operations. RTITB’s Training Recommendations for Workplace Transport will provide employers, operators and instructors with a one-stop comprehensive guide to the essentials of operator training.

For RTITB, then, the message about training has to be loud, clear and easily accessible. "There’s a lot of really good information out there, but it’s spread across a number of documents and websites," says Laura Nelson, Operations Director at RTITB. "What we wanted to do was pull it all together in one place where it could be quickly looked up and understood."

RTITB hopes that by making this information easily available employers and operators will be able to make the right choices about training and help the industry take steps towards a safer, more productive future. RTITB would like to offer the publication at a discounted rate of £14.00 up until the 31st May 2014*.

This represents a massive 50% saving on the actual publication price. To purchase this product today please visit www.rtitb.co.uk/assist.

Alternatively call the RTITB Assist team on +44(0)1952520203.

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