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RUD Chains at Hillhead 2014

Hillhead 2014 will see RUD Chains Ltd displaying its advanced tyre-protection chains and latest innovative Sideflex solution, which is an inventive and robust device that offers a practical solution to the ever-present challenge of sidewall damage to dumptruck tyres. Also on show from the company will be a range of complete conveyor systems for bucket elevators, scraper conveyors, drag chain conveyors, screw conveyors and apron feeders.

Sideflex, Innovative Sidewall Protection Device
Sideflex one of RUD’s latest innovations and a feature at the show, provides a cost-effective solution to the very well-known problem of sidewall damage to expensive and valuable dumptruck tyres, for construction and mining equipment in particular earthmoving machines.

Anyone in the industry knows the continuous vulnerability truck tyres face to sidewall damage from haul road rock debris and accidental impact. Tyre protection chains would not be a compatible option; slowing the trucks down, raising fuel consumption, damage to tyres through blowout and delays in production time, a solution was needed.

Sideflex is an easy to fit, lightweight shield which simply deflects rock and debris from the tyre wall. The device fits firmly within the wheel hub and almost brushes the ground preventing rock and debris from penetrating the tyre wall. Protective arms radiate from a central retaining ring and form a shield covering the sidewall.

Tyre Protection Chains
RUD offers a wide range of TPC chains, that use case hardened alloy chains linked in patented designs to provide a high level of tyre protection and traction qualities. As a market leader in tyre protection chains they have a high level of technical know – how and a comprehensive product range.
There are numerous benefits to using RUD’s top quality tyre protection chains such as three wear levels to provide a greater wear resistance, sharp edges on the outer surface to increase traction and multiple link designs to suit a wide range of aggressive and low traction surfaces. The designs and benefits vary to each project and specific requirements.

Conveyor & Drive Systems for Bulk Materials Handling
RUD are known in the industry as a leading manufacturer and supplier of chain systems and components to the bulk materials industry supplying; complete bucket elevators and spare parts, complete conveyor systems and drive systems for bulk materials handling.

BULKOS provides conveyors and systems for a wide range of bulk material applications. The transportation of bulk materials is a major challenge, to ensure the availability of building materials when they are needed. System availability and reliability are often overlooked and quick solutions are used which only secures limited success.

RUD supply a selection of conveyor and conveying systems for the bulk materials industry which include: scraper conveyors; drag chain conveyors, screw conveyors and apron feeders to name a few.

Visit RUD at Hillhead stand W6 for more information.

For more information please call 01227 276 611 Email: Katie.crane@rud.co.uk or visit www.rud.co.uk

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