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RUD’s latest Tyre Protection Chain Innovations

Reduce operating costs, decrease downtime & increase productivity
Erlau, a major division and premium brand of the RUD group, are leading manufacturers and suppliers of tyre protection chains. RUD are known in the industry for their commitment to innovation having worked alongside many heavy operators across industries such as; quarrying, mining, and recycling to name a few.

Innovative Sidewall Protection
Large earthmoving machines, used across the construction and mining industries, are examples of expensive machinery that are continually vulnerable to sidewall damage. Tyre protection chains do not protect tyres from sidewall damage; they slow the trucks down, raise fuel consumption and damage the tyres through blowouts, which subsequently cause delays in production.
RUD have recently introduced their innovative and robust sidewall protection device Sideflex. The concept is simple, effective and most importantly it does what it says it does, protects the tyre walls. Sideflex is an easy to fit, lightweight shield which deflects rock and debris from the tyre wall.
Sideflex, the ultimate solution to sidewall damage, helps increase productivity and decreases downtime.

EASYLOCK Reduces Chain Fitting by 30%
EASYLOCK, is an innovative connecting ring that makes fitting chain tyres a much easier, faster and safer process. EASYLOCK comprises only two components, is easy to handle, ensures safe installation and reduces chain fitting time by 30%.
EASYLOCK, consists of an open omega ring and a locking hasp. Once the ring is passed through the wear links, the hasp is pushed over the two prongs. It is then secured with an Allen key, by a 90 degree turn of the integral locking device. EASYLOCK then remains in place until removed.

CMS Chain Monitoring System
RUD know the importance of up to date administration, documentation and management of equipment when working across such variable industries. RUD have introduced there tyre chain monitoring system to help record reliable and up to date product records.

An RFID chip is embedded into the chain, the chain monitoring system then records the history of the TPC chain which includes: the batch number, test results, installation, maintenance, incidents and operating hours.

Ensure chain safety with the innovative RUD CMS system
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