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Rushlift update – One year on

Rushlift update – One year on

In February 2015, Doosan Industrial Vehicle UK acquired Rushlift Limited, (the UK’s leading independent forklift supplier and service business), ushering in a new beginning for the company. For the first time in the UK, Doosan now has a fully integrated offer covering both high quality product and first-class service.

The acquisition of Rushlift was a significant milestone for Doosan and it is a testament to the company’s emphasis on its people that the integration process has run so smoothly. This development was in line with Doosan’s strategy to grow their own operations both organically and through the acquisition; this opportunity specifically opens the door to larger national fleet accounts, which exceeded the reach of both companies individually.

A high proportion of fleet users, quite rightly want to deal directly with the manufacturer, not only to ensure the best possible price and deal, but also to ensure they have a closer channel of communication as well as the best possible working relationship with the OEM.

Many businesses also want to deal with just one company for both sales and service. Previously Rushlift weren’t a manufacturer and Doosan didn’t have a direct national service operation under their own control.

For this reason, both companies were often overlooked or disadvantaged when pitching for large multi-site fleets, even though the product and service offerings were equal and often better as individual proposals.

This is why the merger of both businesses makes for such an exciting proposition to the UK market – which has really been limited to just 2 or 3 genuine options for a number of years.

DoosanHowever, Doosan recognizes more than ever, the significant contribution and effort of its independent network of approved regional and local dealers; and are fully committed to continuing to support its prized assets tirelessly.

Our dealerships are distributed across the length and breadth of the UK, having been the significant part of Doosan’s huge success and will continue to offer the best possible support for both sales and service to local and regional customers.

How has the business changed?

One year on, both Rushlift and Doosan staff are all becoming accustomed with the Doosan way and existing Rushlift customers are experiencing the same levels of support to which they have become very accustomed. The exciting difference is that there are now no artificial upper limit on the size of mandate we can service.

The deal also provided security and career progression opportunities for Rushlift’s staff, who have now become part of the globally recognized and respected Doosan brand family; which has more than 40,000 employees worldwide with operations in 38 countries.

Established in 1896, Doosan has brought to the UK its unique way of conducting business – ‘The Doosan Way’. This is its unwavering commitment to its people. The Doosan culture and ethos is built around providing opportunities, tools and infrastructure to its employees; understanding them and respecting that individuals everywhere need to fulfill their ambitions and create better lives for themselves and their communities.

The financial investment was significant in itself, and now, with the huge $20-billion Doosan Corporation behind them, investment continues to flow into the business, ensuring the latest technologies and systems are implemented to prove to the market that the combined Doosan and Rushlift approach is a breath of fresh air.

An additional layer of operational management has also been implemented to support the crucial team of mobile service engineers. Many companies see this team as a necessity they’d rather not have, but the Doosan and Rushlift take on this is hugely different.

“Our team of highly trained, and multi-skilled technicians are the foundation of our business, – holding the key to our future success,” explains Doosan UK’s CEO, Tim Waples.

“This group of committed engineers are the face of Doosan and Rushlift and we want to ensure they are given the best possible support to carry out their tough challenge day-in day-out.”

What’s next?

Doosan have now announced the appointment of its own direct National Account team, whose responsibility it is to target and build relationships with new businesses on a direct basis. These organizations want to do business with a company of Doosan’s similar mind-set, and who want to explore the values that the Doosan – Rushlift business can offer.

“Doosan and Rushlift will continue to grow from strength to strength, having now become a real and credible alternative in the marketplace. Customers can really benefit from partnering with a people-focused business and along with the highest quality of products and services,” concludes Waples.

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